Excerpt from a Complaint an Inmate at MSP is Working On

Prison personnel were advised several times by inmate H and his cellmate R that an ongoing conflict between them could not be resolved and the situation was becoming more intensified by the minute.

Officer G attempts to resolve the conflict by informing Sgt. R of the hazardous situation that is progressing quickly.  Sgt. R decides to willfully fail at his duty to protect these inmates by not separating them.  Instead he makes the choice to promote violence as he allows officer G to lock them in a 8-12 [sic] cell together, knowing bodily harm was inevitable.  In esense [sic] R and G sets the inmates up in a dangerous situation with no excape [sic].  R and G refuses to enact prison protocol that calls for separation of inmates if danger exist between them.

Its documented that these inmates made several attempts to end this conflict by asking for staff intervention.  They ask staff for protection and they [the staff] do the opposite.  They [the staff] directly incourage [sic] violence by locking them in a cell together.

The inmates were overwhelmed with stress, anxiety combined with fear knowing that a future violent altercation was inevitable.  When they were locked in the cell together fight or flight instinct was prominent.  Flight was deprived by prison staff and there was only one option left.

H was left with no choice but to commit a simple assult [sic] purposely in the presence of prison staff knowing he then would be separated from his cellmate and it would end any further altercations and future violence.  Its ovious [sic] prison staff influenced this violence and then discriminated against H for only filing a report against him, but not R that was just as much involved with the altercation.  Then blames only H for not turning on the light during count when R was as much at fault.

This situation could have been resolved at the beginning.  Its because of staff’s incompantcy [sic] that its gone this far.  I ask you now to drop any futher [sic] actions and put a final end to this unreasonable disciplinary report.


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