Civil Rights Violations and Mail Room Issues

Hello Comrade,

Hope this message finds you engulfed in the struggle.


**** briefly told me what you are trying to do out there and I sincerely commend you.  We certainly need more people like yourself to take a stand and get involved.  We need you people to be our voice.  We are like sheep in here amongst a den of wolves!  If we don’t have allies, rather, if our allies dong make it “known” that they are there for us assisting us, well, we will continue to be eaten by these wolves.

Now turn the record over.  The flip side is the sheep need to “stand up for themselves”.  It is a well known “fact” here among prisoner’s and prison officials that the majority of prisoner’s will not stand up for themselves.  Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die!  I’ll leave that alone for right now.

I believe it’s now a matter of public record.  I recently filed a Civil Rights Complaint (i.e., lawsuit) against five (5) prison personnel, to wit: commissioner Ponte, Warden Patricia Barnhart, a unit manager Worcester, Captain Scott Drake and Captain Robert Pease.  The United States District Court has given the above-named defendants until July 6, 2011 to file an answer.  I will definitely keep you updated.

I am enclosing a copy of “another” grieveance [sic] I’ve had to file in reference to the mail room sabotaging my mail.  That may explain why several letters I’d been expecting haven’t reached me.  There is no doubt in my mind that the mailroom is toying with my mail.  I’ll see what this grieveance [sic] generates.

Okay Sophie, I’m going to bring this chapter to a close.  Until the next time, stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize.

In Struggle,



Feel free to write anytime.

Just hope I receive it!  J



SOS!  SOS!  You will be receiving a copy of that grievance via a comrade of mine out there in the free world.  I’ve requested it be sent to you “quickly”.


And remember: I welcome any and all correspondence from you and your constituents…


Q. Why did I address envelop Sophie Chain?

A. Because had I wrote “Sophie Inchains, you may not have received it as my correspondence it is put under a microscope.


The Grievance Sophie Received at a later date:

To: Captain Scott Drake

Grieveance [sic] Review Officer


Name: Donald Gilbert


On June 4, 2011 I filed a grievance because the mailroom opened legal mail from the United States District Court Judge before it reached me.  The legal envelope clearly stated, “open in presence of inmate”, yet it was sabotaged.  I’m still waiting for the grievance review officer to respond.

Today, June 14, 2011, I discover the mailroom has held up a letter of mine for 5 days, along with not giving me at all a letter from the same writer 2 weeks ago.

I respectfully requested that the mailroom problem be investigated before the problem escalated.  It’s obviously escalated.  At some point do you intend to investigate this?  Please provide me with an answer.  Thank you.


Prohibited from going to mailroom


Signed Donald.


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