Prison takes everything from you.  ‘They’, the system, of – laws – and – the – people, draft statutes of words crafted to deceive yet to enslave and punish for acts called crimes.  The words on paper broken.  A threat to the people or a mere nuisance used for profit.  A compelled performance to limited liability.

It is the free that pay the most.  For the starving child still needs.  The prisoner whines because his meal is to [sic] small.  He goes to bed without nothing but the material wantings [sic] of a monster named, society.  So, it feeds on and in of itself.  With greed, lies, hate, and mockery.  Turning a winding grind mill of karmie [sic] debt to oblivion.  What purpose does this bohemyth [sic] serve?  It seems such a waste, for who is being punished and for what ends?  Is the create of justice real or mere revenge from the unjust to claim.  Hope seems to be the last thought, careing [sic]?  No.  selfishness is only the wryest [sic] of expressions of a sick love.




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