A Brief Hello, Intimidation 101, and a Request.

June 21st

Hello Comrade

First off, I hope this note finds you well and good.  Personally and with the struggle.  By now you should most certainly have received the communications I intended for you to have.  Please let me know the status of that.

I’ve really gotten ahead of myself.  Thank you very much for your letter which I received this very evening.  So your letter did reach me.

Well as today is June 21, I imagine you have posted my info on your blog.  I am interested in knowing how your viewers perceived it.

Memo to Sophie:  Print what you may, I fear neither these inmates or prison officials.

That brings me back to this.  The “majority” of guys here live in perpetual fear of their jailers.  I’m not joking.  The prison officials here outright dog these guys!  And the last thing they will do is speak up for themselves.  I don’t know, the population here is roughly 800 prisoner’s.  Out of that number I don’t think there is 100 guys who would be willing to write to you and the myriad atrocities they have experienced and do experience.  Hell I can’t think of more than a few would muster up the courage.  Between ***, ***, and myself, we have spoke [sic] to innumeral [sic] guys about your being a voice for us castaways.  I’ll let you be the judge of those interested in at least “attempting” to get some accountability from the corrupt prison officials here.  How many correspondents have you had from here?  In a nutshell, that number is representative of those interested enough to want to alter their course.  I’m sure the respond number is sad, yet, it’s true.

Myself, it doesn’t matter my location.  I’m a freedom fighter and love digging myself and other’s [sic] downtrodden out of the trenches.  I’m cognizant that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Need I say more!?

Relative to the lawsuit, the defendant prison officials must file an Answer by July 6, 2011.  Without question I will keep you updated.

Sophie, I love to write letter’s [sic] and receive mail.

Interpretation: I would certainly not mind a pen-pal.  Just keep me in mind in case you hear of someone out there expressing a similar thought.  And thank you very much.  I just wanted to share that little bit with you.

Please take great care and be good with the struggle as the struggle will be good to you.

Currently I believe that it is better to starve and see no sun, than ignored.

In Struggle,




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