Quick Update on Work in Progress


Hello Sophie,

Please don’t trip, there is no need to apologize.  It’s I that is sorry to burden you w/something as pitty [sic] as a photo.  It’s just they are $2.50 a pic.  and after being in so long I have lost all family support.

I am so glad that people enjoy my writings.  I can’t begin to thank you for giving me a voice.  The time you are investing in us is something many of us don’t have, and I don’t have the words to say thank you.  I am telling everyone of the supportive web site  you have developed.  I am currently working on facts on why “The 2ed Chance Parole” program would be beneficial to the Maine tax payer [sic].  Also if you’d like I can enclose newspaper clippings on the shananigins [sic] that have been going on here.  Such as 3 deaths in the past 2 yrs. and the new Commissioner’s (Mr. J. Ponte) moves on saving money by eliminating over paid positions.  San Quiten [sic] State Prison; gangs, murders and drug activite [sic], one deputy Warden.  Maine State Prison w/no gangs, no daily homicides and we have 5 deputy wardens.  Mr. Ponte is a man who is saving Maine people money.  Maine can not [sic] afford to lose this commissioner when Gov. Lapage [sic] leaves office.

Anyway I will put something together that touches all these issues.  Thank you for staying in touch w/me, and sending the photo.  Until next time Arrivederci Bambina.

Stay positive and forever young!

Sincerely yours


Note from Sophie:  Johnny sent the picture he refers to so I could post it with his first blog.  When I tried to return it, I put it with some other mail for him, which due to my own error (white-out) was returned.  In the meantime, Johnny wrote asking where it was.  It took me almost a month to get his picture back to him but he finally has it in his possession. 



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