“I’m thinking about killing myself the pain is so bad”


Dear Sophie my name is David ***.  Your husband gave me your address.  First off I want to say what you do for us inmate is real great of you.  I can’t even put it into words how good you are for doing these thing for us so thank you very very much.  First off I would like you to put on the net that C.M.S. medical company is refusing me medical treatment.  My back is really messed up.  I got scolois [sic] and degenerte [sic] disk diease [sic] and they refuse to give me a M.R.I.  My back is so bent I look like the hump back of Notre Dame.  I allso [sic] got a benign tumor.  In my back and broken vertabreys [sic].  I’m having severe pain.  2 my left shoulder has a torn rotater [sic] cuff they have the x-ray’s saying that and they are refusing to let me see a orthopedic surgen [sic] they no [sic] my rotater [sic] cuff is torn.  And they are takeing [sic] people off there meds because the head of C.M.S. say they cost to [sic] much that is against the law.  I was wondering if you could find the address to an attourney [sic] office.  They are sueing [sic] a class action law suit for people that has been on Neurotin [sic] and have to have gall bladder taken out.  Mine exploded in my body it was full of gangerene [sic].  The attourney [sic] has been on T.V. but I lost the number I was wondering if you could find his address and send it to me?  I allmost [sic] diead [sic] from it.  It was a big law firm they were on T.V. but I lost the # there probally [sic] is a bunch of them.  I was wondering if you could E-mail my mom and give her the web sites and ask her to do some E-mails to some one that can help with my back.  Her E mail [sic] [Personal information omitted by Sophie].  Tell her to help me I’m thinking about killing myself the pain is so bad.

Thank you very much Sophie.

Your Friend

David ***

P.S. Tell my mom I love her

Please Note:  Due to legal and ethical reason Sophie does not contact family members.  Also, Sophie does not have a husband in (or out) of prison.  Unfortunately, David was given incorrect information.



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