MSP Inmates Silenced: Grievance Forms Seized by Guards

June 27, 2011


Dear Sophie,

Its [sic] so good to see another Freedom Fighter willing to expose these corrupt state official.  [Sentence omitted by Sophie for security reasons]  I’ve a slew of previous & current documents to keep these prisoncrats in check.

We have a Maine Prisoners Advocacy (group) at [contact info available online], who are as worthy supporters exposing modern day slavery & warehousing practices on inmates in Maine.

This place easily makes over ¼ million in telephone profits off telephone revenues each year.  Then swiftly claims $160,000 is spent on maintence [sic] cost.  Talk about committing fraud within a state facility.

There is a ‘Board of Visitors’ our governors do seldom appoints to this useless committee.  By the time these visitors talk with anyone, its [sic] usually a handful of inmates too scared to speak against these guards, out of fear of retaliation.  Can you say, “Stockholm syndrome!”

Recently all blank grievance forms were seized in every pod.  Now we’re gotta go to Sergeants Office and be badgered for reason why you need a blank form.  There is no written documentation (Commissioner’s Directive and/or memo) that emphasizes this bias penal practice.

Maine Dept. of Corrections seriously needs transparency to solve ongoing struggles inmates are suffering.

Last month, a parole bill was diabolically defeated in our legislation.  Sole enemy that shined their corrupt swords to win this defeat were Dept. of Corrections instigators.  Let’s not forget a whole school bus of youngsters preaching to not let any predators/molesters back into the streets.

Over #30 years these prisoncrats have profited from this economical lock-them-up and throw away the key mentality.  In 1980, Maine had four (4) pre-release centers: So. Windham, Bangor, Pharos House (Ptld.) and in Hallowell.  Now we have only two and a half.  Belfast, Hallowell and Boldnc Unit in Warren, which allows only a limited # of inmates.

We’ve a long bumpy road ahead of us to push Maine’s penal system into the forefront.  Transparency should be our number #1 agenda to motivate our engines towards excellence.  A group of people appointed to answer to one person.  The governor and his cost efficient budget cuts.  Can anyone foresee taxpaying dollars we’d safe on a retroactive non-violent offenders parole bill.


Seeking My Freedom,





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