Medical Conditions Lead to Written Complaints at MSP

Maine Department of Corrections

Sick Call Slip



Prisoner—Jeff ***



Nature of problem:  I want to state on this date 4-26-11 foward [sic] that I’m not refuseing [sic] to eat because out of nowear [sic] I’m being denied feed in status all of a sudden at lunch time and dinner time I was feed in at breakfeast [sic] my medical conitition [sic] has not changed I still have a serious medieal [sic] injury that is very dangerious [sic] to myself as well as outher [sic] inmates and that has been repeatedly addressed by myself to medical dept as well as the staff here at M.S.P c/o sgt capt etc— and that is I have a medical health hazard because my injury causes my face and lips to drip blood when eating or at night or dulling [sic] the day just yawning besides the obvious of the humiliation I suffes [sic] from this injury and condition the health hazzard [sic] is there’s a very strong chance that I will drip blood on the table eating utencils [sic] salad bar and outher [sic] inmates this is a true health hazzard [sic] to myself and other inmates and staff there for I’m requesting feed in status to protect my self [sic] as well as other inmates and staff from being exposed to danaerious [sic] pathogen’s, I have not ben [sic] to the chow hall and I am not going to driping [sic] blood so I am takeing [sic] the prison medical dept to court.  They are not giveing [sic] me the right medical attention.  I need surgery on my right knee and they don’t want to do it.


Thank you

Jeff ***


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