Getting Mail in Maine State Prison: Is it Just the Luck of the Draw?

Dear Sophie,                                                                           6-27-2011

[First sentence omitted for confidentiality reasons.]  Its great your [sic] replying to the prisoner’s correspondence.  Most of us do not have any voice at all outside these walls.  We send letters all over and never get a response.  Its enlightening to see a person like you shed some light on the multiple human rights violations that accure [sic] here everyday [sic].

I sent you a package with a few complains about Sgt Ross, c/o Carl, and case manager Dryer.  You have forwarded them to your blog and the commissioner, however, I have not received them back.  I know for a fact you have sent them, but it seem that the mail room filters our personal mail and decided upon their own judgment if it is permissionable [sic].

I received an evolope [sic] from you on 6-24-2011.  On the front of the envolope [sic] it said no solicitation, disposed of solicitation.  The envolope [sic] was empty.

This causes great stress on my behalf and probaly [sic] yours to as we both know that your correspondence was not solicitation.  However who can argue that if it was disposed of.  I didn’t see what was in it and never offered to see it!

I have contacted a prisoner in here that is very active concerning Prisoners [sic] rights.  He is writing a small note for me looking into the law and how it violates our rights.  I have also filed a grievance concering [sic] this issue.  When it gets answered I will forward it to you.  I do not plan for the prison to resolve this issue at [sic] they fail to do anything constructive here.

I still try to stay productive in this oppressive prison.  Keep u the great work and I will write again in a few days.

Ps. I am starting a log with the out going and incoming mail.




Please Note: The complaint that Henry is referencing can be read here.  Sophie has sent the complaint, that he wrote, back to Henry twice (once as a copy and once the original) but he has not received it at the time of this post. 


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