A New Voice: Four Poems and a Note from NH State Prison


Dear Madam,

Please accept these submissions for the Voices From The Cracks blog.  These are original pieces written between December 2010, March 2011 when I was in a dark place.

Feel free to publish them separately or all at once.  If you find them to be intriguing, I will gladly send more.



New Hampshire State Prison



Human Trash

by Richard

The walls surround

Twenty feet is as two hundred

Forever in well-lit darkness

Freedom only inches away—

And always out of reach

Laughter echoing throughout—

From jokes not meant to amuse

Language stabbing like shanks

Crimes that don’t fit grand designs

Appeals written but seldom heard

Reacclimation for Lucky few

Society’s Recycle Bin

In time they scroll down and click delete




Guilty Conscience

by Richard

Blood on my hands

Of all the crimes

Never I—lifes too prescious

The path traversed was not intended

Does Hell await?

Forever closed to St. Peter’s Gate


by Richard

Highly calibrated monotony

Tweeked to perfection

Guaranteed to never change perceptibly

Eggregiously boring, willfully silent—

Skillfully quiet

Manufactured to specifics

Prefabricated with purpose

Illogical in its intensity

Conspicuously devoid of Rehabilitation

The Sheppard

by Richard

With a command they shuffle to the stalls

Eyes downcast-careful not to jostle

Emotions restrained

Outburst dealt with harshly

Pitiful conformity

Life for the sake of Living

Sustained by the meakest of rations

The few controlling the many

A bark tells the animals to sleep

A multitude of temperments

Become mewing sheep

Please note: It is the policy of Voices to publish poetry exactly as written without notations for spelling errors in order to keep the art as close to the authors original piece as possible.

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