Lack of Medical Attention Forces Inmate to Suffer Bleeding from Pores and Staph Infection for Months

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Sophie,                                                                                                7-14-11

Hello my name is Carl [last name omitted] and I have heard about you through another inmate here in Windham.  I’m going to get raight [sic] to the point of my issue.  I was incarserated [sic] in [month omitted] 2008 and have had some serious issues with the medical staff.

When I came here I was on Cumidon [sic] a blood thinner.  I had a blood clott [sic] in my right leg due to a fall in which I broke both legs.  My doctor in Saco had m levels at the right amount I needed to be at that time.  [exact medical information omitted]  I relayed this info to the med tech when I was prosessed [sic] here.  And that I needed to be tested once a week at least.  A week went by and no test.  So I put in a request to have it done and they said they would do it.  Well they didn’t and another week went by, still no test.  I requested it again and the same thing once again.  Anyways I started spitting up blood.  I thought nothing of it cause there was others who had issues with the air quility [sic].  They still never tested me, and this went on for over a month.  By this time it was the end of January 2009.  I had been complaining of pains in my stomach and having bad headachs [sic].  And spitting up more blood and started having angzity [sic] attacks.  They too an exray [sic] of my chest and thought I had phnamonia [sic] at first.  They finally took a test and it went to lab and got lost so they said.  Then another test and it came back that my levels were high.  They stopped the med.  But this time it was to late.  Wen to medical 2 more times of complaints.  The second time I woke up freaking out cause I had blood coming out in my urion [sic].  They took me to medical and was taking my blood pressare [sic] and I had blood coming out my poors [sic].  This is the extent I had to go through to get them to send me to the hospital.  I was in Maine Med. for 4 days.  My levels were up to 10 and they said thats [sic] not good.  They took a cat scan of my stomach and I had a tare [sic] in my stomach.  Then a cat scan of my head and I had blood on my brain.  In which I still have bad head achs [sic] from.  Thats [sic] just the begining [sic] of my medical night mare [sic] with this place.  In November of 2010 I stared having an issue where my legs were very itchy and breaking out.  I also had a patch on my left leg, it was about 4” long 2” wide with a red outline.  The middle of it was dry feeling.  Anyways they gave me Hydacordizone [sic] cream to treat all this.  Cream did no good still itchy and was spreding [sic] over my body.  So they thought it was egsama [sic] and told me to use lotion.  I did and the patch on my leg changed.  On one side the red outline broke away.  And it looked like a red vainy [sic] up my leg.  They gave me an Antibiotic which looked to be working.  Unitl they stopped the med.  Then it got worse and was still itchy and was spredding [sic] fast.  They still treated it as egsama [sic] with creams and oitments [sic].  Nothing worked really the A + D oitment [sic] seemed to help but didn’t get rid of it.  This wen on for months and most of the time they would say its [sic] egsama [sic] or I cant [sic] figure out what to do for it.  And all along it just got worse.  By this time its January of 2011.  And my hole [sic] body was like a sunburn and itchy.  They put me on steroids, Antibiotics, creams, oitments [sic].  The iratation [sic] on my body subsided by was getting worse + worse on my legs.  My arms also had dryness and itchy.  It seemed that they were getting it under control with the Antibiotics and the A + D oitment [sic].  But they stopped the Antibiotics again.  Its [sic] June now and my legs have fluids comming [sic] out the poors [sic] and are very painful.  They are like a scaly look and are dry + cracking.  They finally decided to send me to a specialist and they looked at it and raight [sic] away knew it was an infection in which it is at stage 2 infection.  They took a culture and sent it to the lab.  Perscribed [sic] some different meds.  A stronger antibiotic and a type of soak for the legs.  A week later the lab results came back.  It a type of Staph infection.  And they started treated my issue.  I also had a talk with the medical director and told her what my thoughts were.  Well thats [sic] about all for now.  I am very agrivated [sic] with what I have gone through.  I am just glad I am still alive.  But I know how serious this could have been.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Take care for now,



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