Rehab Unit is Really Solitary Confinement: Inmates Suffering While Public Kept Ignorant

Dear Sophie,                                                   7-15-11

I don’t know if you know where you wrote to or not.  This is a condemned building, part of M.C.C., in a closed unit known as the C.R.A.. To anyone on the outside this is a minimum-security rehab.  The clients can rejoin the population of the prison whenever they choose.

In reality, the C.R.A., Correctional Recovery Academy, is a forced maximum-security closed-unit prison-rehab.  All of us were forced into coming here.  Some were yanked from minimum-securities or even community-status facilities where they had visits with their families and were saving up thousands of dollars for when they get out.  Here they get nothing.  We can’t leave.  We’ll lose all earned goodtime and then to seg. for 30days.  We’ll also be sanctioned for a year.  Cannot gain back minimum or have a paying job.  We’re told when we first come in that we’ll get a monthly stipend of $47.50.  Enough for hygeine [sic] and coffee.  After a couple of months that was shut off.  Everything here is bullshit and a lit.  I’ve worked my ass off for 5.5-months not and they won’t even allow me to move ahead in the program in the simplest way.  Won’t even give me a reason why.  I was forced in here after I fought with the bitch in charge.  Penny Bailey.  I beat her at one game and it made her mad.  She tried to force me to work in the kitchen and an inch of water on tile floors, I’m supposed to be wearing my titanium knee-brace.  I only have one ligament on one knee, so I had the brace made before I had come in.  I had to fight for one-year before they allowed me to have it mailed in.  in all of that time I was here for two-months climbing up + down flights of stairs from 6:00am to 8:00pm every day, by not having the brace both the maliseus [sic] and the A.C.L. of the other knee ripped itself.  I desperately want to sue medical, D.O.C., the Spectrum Medical Group, and the jerk that was just fired Ken Topal, I will too.  At the moment I need to find an attorney in a hurry willing to do some suing with me for a big chunk of the money.  I need to be medically removed from here.  I can have my sister sue them once I’m out, but I can’t wait 9-months.  My knee is trashed and killing me now, in 45-days I’m told they’re shutting off my meds.  I have no money myself to do anything these are guaranteed suits.  I need fast legal help.

I can write anything for you on this place.  A complete write-up of the conditions here, medical neglect, the tortures of this treatment program such as mine.  Carl [last name omitted] is another here who said he’ll write you too.  He has a staph infection that ate the skin off his legs.  Raw meat.  He was like that a couple of months.  They’ve got him on cipro’s [sic] not finally.  He says he’s getting better now…

I have no woman.  I seem to lose all of my pen-pals in warm weather.  I am dying here with nobody to write to!  I’ve written to women all over Maine but none come through with the letters at all.  I can’t stand a letter a month.  What the hell do you do the other 29-days?  These cells were designed for one man back in the 40’s.  I have a celly.  As do we all…

I’ll trade you.  I’ll write you whatever you want.  Anything about here, stories poetry, essays, whatever.  Fine me an attorney in the area.  Willing to work for a %.  Or a pen-pal and my mind and pen are yours.  Seriously.





Sometimes to fine the meaning

Of life one much simply stop

Searching and live it…



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