Rancid Meat, Blocked Fire Exits, Ants, and Mold are Just Some of Daily Life for the Handicapped in MCC

Dear Sophie,

Im [sic] not sure if anyone is interested in any of the things going on around here or not.  But I am disabled so they deliver my meals as so the other disabled people here.  The trays they serve it in stink whicked [sic].  The food is out dated.  The cand [sic] food fruit.  The meat is and then frozen.  I supose [sic] they get it on sale.  But a lot of times the meat is rancid.  And gives us the runns [sic] to the bathroom.  They put it together about 2 hours before they bring it down here.  So we always get cold food.  Who likes cold burger + fries or cold spaggetti [sic], and one juice with each meal.

Another thing is I have a hard time getting around.  So Ive [sic] asked for a wheel chair [sic].  Because I cant [sic] walk very far.  My legs give out + I fall down.  Its [sic] embarrising [sic] in frount [sic] of everyone.  Ive [sic] been here a year now.  It would be nice to go out side [sic] for a while [sic].  There’s a back door that has a cement slab thats [sic] facing the recreation area.  But they keep that door locked as well as the other fire exits.

The lanolyn [sic] on the floors were out dated years ago.  If you drop something on the floor your invaded with ants hundreds.  All the dorms are infested with ants.  Mold in the showers + bathroom.  No hand towels in the bathroom.

When they have a search they come in and tear the place apart.  And its [sic] hard for some of us disabled people to put it back in place.  And they never find anything.  It’s the young kids that have anything.

I have P.T.S.D. and have asked to see a phychiaterest [sic].  Ive [sic] seen one twice.

The medical is such a joke I dont [sic] even want to talk about it.  Like Ive [sic] said Ive [sic] been here a year and I have aurthuritus [sic], deterioating [sic] joints, severe back pain, P.T.S.D. bad dreams, no sleep, and they just give me a couple of vicodin [sic] 3 times a day.  And they say thats [sic] all they can do.  So Im [sic} in pain 24-7.

So if you can do anything or get someone else to do some thing [sic] to help us just a little bit.  Than go for it.  Try anyhow.  Thank you for your concern.


[name omitted for inmate’s safety]

Maine Correctional Center

[F.K.A. Windham Correctional Center]


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