Bleak Prospects for Addicts Facing Release in Maine

Sophie                                                                         July-14-11


Im [sic] glad you guys took the time out to ask my opion [sic] on things here in this prison world.  I just got a question on how you guys ended up getting my name?  I did a little research myself to find out about you guys and my buddy was saying he wrote songs for your boyfriend while he was in and thats [sic] wicked cool for him to stand up for us inmates.  Luckly [sic] I’ve had a pretty good bid so far but I’ve seen a lot of my buddys [sic] get treated like shit and thats [sic] not cool with me, mostly at BucksHarbor [sic] because there is a number of good people their [sic] and I have a friend there his name is [name omitted] that was writing in the prison news letter [sic] but for some reason they wouldnt [sic] let him have it and I know he enjoyed it so you guys should get him one of these letters as well.  It’s a cricked facilty [sic] I feel.  Yea were [sic] in prison but people make mistakes in life.  I feel we are all human beings and should be treated with respect.  I also think for people that are getting out to nothing like myself and have a addiction problem, their [sic] should be some kind of houseing [sic] help and at the moment so im [sic] told is none at all.  That really puts the odd’s of all my hard work down a lot and it sucks because I am trying to change.  I keep getting into trouble because of my substance problems and im [sic] good with that life and if I can spread the word some how [sic] im [sic] game.  I cant [sic] write all that well.  Sorry!!  I will talk to a few others as well and see what we cant [sic] do.  I’ve got a good name in this prison system so maybe we can get some more to speak up.  One other quick thing I love the name Sophie it’s got a good ring to it.  Anyways you have a good day and I dont [sic] get money so when free mail comes around I will write.  Thank u for your time.



Maine Correctional Center

3 responses to “Bleak Prospects for Addicts Facing Release in Maine

    • Mr. Rand,
      Thank you for taking time to read the blog and hear the inmates.

      I am curious as to which part of this post you are calling a fallacy? Are there rehab programs that I am unaware of where I can refer inmates? The tone of your post suggest there are a plethora of opportunities for inmates to receive drug treatment while incarcerated or during pre/post release that prisoner rights advocates do not know about. If that is the case I would love a list of programs that I can send along to them.

      As far as “complaining”, I personally believe that everyone has the right to speak without being invalidated. This is a space for inmates to use their Voice in anyway they see fit, it is unfortunate that you automatically labeled complaint.





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