Guards Still Tormenting Inmates on the way to Eat and Canteen Contract Issues at MSP

Dear Sophie

Enclosed is a “declaration” given to me by [name omitted] sometime in March of 2010, just before he was snatched up and taken to segregation for his unique letter writing campaign.  Eventually he was freed in Spring of 2010.

Last Tuesday 12 thru 14th this whole place was locked-down due to recent article enclosed [Clipping in envelop was from the Lewiston Sun Journal titled: “Sale of property near prison site ‘raises red flags’.  Dated: July 2, 2011].  Warden was pissed she couldn’t dub-divide three (3) parcels of land she just purchased, converting into seven (7) parcels.  Currently, Attorney General is trying to void this Ship Street real estate transaction.  Warden should of known she was violating state policy by exercising her authority to solely be only state official who could bid on this favorable property.  Senator Katz is a through official and recently commented on warden being only bidder to this property.  That alone should warrant warden to be reprimanded.  (Emphasis added)

To create unnecessary over-time for warden’s staff.  She implemented phony ass excuses of staff not feeling safe and inmates romping around here all beat up.  So let’s waste tax paying dollars on overtime expenses for her staff in ripping up inmates cells for contraband.

Currently the Maine Dept. of Corrections is w/o a canteen contract.  Pine State Vending (in Augusta) was previous contractors.  Milking all sorts of profits out of unhealthy food and basic “readers” in their machines that illegal [sic] extract money off a prisoner’s card and do not provide for reimbursements.  In the old M.S.P. facility (Thomaston) the state reaped all the profits from canteen sales.  Today, they’d rather sublease the canteen contract to lowest bidder.  But that never occurs.  Usually the State agrees to contract the bidder who will provide more kick-backs to the prison for doing business with that bidder/company.

I’m going to be requesting Long Timer’s Group to rally up some stamps to donate to your worthy cause.  Our next meeting is July 30th.  The struggle continues.

Recently staff have resorted to deliberately standing in middle of runway trying to force inmates to walk between them (like a gauntlet) in hopes of recklessly enticing prisons.  Warden has received numerous complaints about this childish penal tactic.  But to no avail has she been able to cure this belittling of staffs conduct.  Just another day in Maine’s hyped-up correctional frontier.  Staff daily being held unaccountable for their actions.  Hey, just like the sign says…”Vacationland-the way life should be!”






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