Difficulty Getting Grievances, Unrest About Warden’s Activities, and SMU Issues

Hello My Friend,                                                                    June 14, 2011

Hope these few words find you well.

[name omitted] indicated to me you were interested in some input on the goings-on in here.  I will do my best to accommodate you.

Are you familiar with Lance Tapley of the Phoenix?  I believe it was late last month, therein was some discussion regarding commissioner Ponte’s brief track record and intentions concering MDOC.

One of Ponte’s priorities was dealing with SMU, e.g., no more keeping men in SMU for months awaiting “Investigation”.  Ponte ordered that an inmate can’t be placed in SMU for longer than 72 hours without his personal approval.  In the last eight (8) days, I’d say roughly twelve (12) men have been placed in SMU.  So much for lowering the number of men in SMU!  He is either hoodwinking the public or the warden here is, once again, disregarding his wishes.

Another area Ponte displayed an interest in changing was ordering a “7 day limit” in SMU for investigation.  That is a joke.  Prisoners’ are back to staying in SMU on investigation for as long as prion official want them to.  From my perspective, Commissioner Ponte had his first and “last” hurrah immediately after he came here.  He’s done.  Another one bites the dust!  He’s now in the same class as the other “wanna be’s [sic]”, “coulda beens [sic]”, etc. etc.

July [back of page]

Was going through some of my paperwork and stumbled across this sheet of paper.  How timely!  Just completed catching up on the latest, i.e., Warden “Patti” Barnhart and her scandalous dealings!  I’m sure you’ve been reading about her and the “scam” she’s involved in.  She is impervious and so vain it is amazing.  I mean, how stupid can you be to participate, be a major player in a venture so unethical and obvious?  Did she actually think she would get away with that?!  Yes, yes she did.  With that being said, she is in desperate need of serious medical, psychological help because she just as seriously has some major psyche issues!  She reminds me of the thief who just steals, steals, steals, thinking they will never get caught.  Until the thief gets caught!  There is no telling how many other shady deals she has been involved in!  I’m sure this is not her first!  I mean, she sure isn’t any help in assisting Gov. Lepage with his budget.  Simply put, “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.  Well, Warden “Patti” has bit the wrist off!

I ask you, how do you expect prison official and prisoners’ to look to “Patti” knowing she is a crook?  How can the bigger rule violator (Warden Patti) tell any of us not to break any rules?  One leads by example, and one could/would be led to prison following her example.  I think, Sophie, that it is incumbent upon you and your peers to lead some kind of effort to get her off this playing field!!  As prisoners’ our plates are already full.  The very last thing we need is a scandalous, corrupt Warden!

I’m interested in knowing what your goal is in regard to the blog.  How are you coming along with responses from your reliable viewers?  Gotta go-


Hello Comrade,

Received your last letter.  Thank you for writing.

Enclosed you will find my letter to the commissioner, which is indicative of exactly where we are presently at.  A very, very sad state of affairs.

This past week I went on a mission: soliciting prisoner’s who are truly tired of being walked on, mistreated, dehumanized, etc. etc.  I wound up with 21 prisoner’s “requesting” (what should be readily available) grievance forms.  And on the face of it, each was refused!  Can you believe that?  A sergeant actually refusing to give 21 prisoner’s grievances.  Absurd.  Unheard of.  This could only happen in Maine.

In any event, the guy’s finally received the grievances, now I’m assisting them with filling them out.  A freedom fighter’s work is never done (smile).

I’m enclosing a stamp so that you can mail this original copy to the commissioner.  Hope you don’t mind making a copy for yourself?

Lest I forget.  By chance, are “you” keeping copies of my correspondence to you?  Perhaps one day we can put together a Best Seller!

Comrade, in closing, I want to stress my desire to you to blog my words with, in, my name.  I am accountable for “anything” I say.  I don’t hide behind anyone.  I can stand the rain.

Hopefully, life is treating you grand.

Please take care and don’t stop dreaming.

In Struggle,


One response to “Difficulty Getting Grievances, Unrest About Warden’s Activities, and SMU Issues

  1. I’m finding this very informative! I have a relative incarcerated at MSP, so I’m very interested in what goes on there… I find it appalling to say the least.

    “Never, never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill



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