CA Inmate Writes and Produces Sitcom: “Two and A Half Cons”

July 18, 2011

Dear Sophie,

Thank you for your letter, letting me know you linked my site to yours.  I admire what you are doing and feel your site serves the community well, as it shows the talent behind bars!

I just finished taping a ‘sitcom’, “Two and A Half Cons”, which we got approval to tape, which has conflict/resolution in each episode and an educational angle.  The sitcom features 2 tall white inmates who are the everyday types (play dominos, do nothing with life) who are ridiculed by a white midget inmate (who to education and is doing something with his time).  IT is a professional production, as we utilize digital cameras, lights, body mics, and final production on FINAL CUT software.  It will debut on our institutional video system.  I am attempting to see if the head sponsor can get approval to release this production to the Public, in the form of a YOU TUBE or some other angle.  You wouldn’t believe how professional it is, complete with laugh tracks, graphics, different sets built by inmates (cell, dayroom, pill line).

I created this sitcom to put a visual angle for inmates to see that wastin their life away is ‘no laughing matter.’  We watch sitcoms daily but now our life is portrayed as a sitcom.

I am sure you have received extraordinary contributions to your website nationwide.  You said you read my short stories on my site as well.

How many of my stories are on there?  I also write and completed a book on my arrest/prison experience, on PDF Format but am waiting for the outcome of my appeal before seeking a major publisher.  I was granted a second chance appeal by the 9th Circuit in May 2010, based on ‘newly discovered evidence.’  The judge will decide my fate in about 3 months.

Thanks again for writing me!  Look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

T. David Valdez J-52660

CTF Central E Wing Cell 126-Up

P.O. Box 689

Soledad, CA.





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