Wrongfully Convicted A CA Inmate Asks for Your Help



Greetings Digital World.


It is truly a pleasure to have this opportunity to voice my thoughts and feelings in this arena.  Also, I tip my hat to Sophie who deemed it appropiate [sic] in extending a forum for the voiceless.  Thank you.

First off, I want to talk about the Justice System that has wrongfully convicted me of crimes I did not commit.  Being incarcerated for the last 26 years, I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting others who had fallen victim to this horrific ideal we call Justice.

I Thaddeus [last name omitted], an African American male, was convicted July-26-85 by Judge John N. Nairn in Kern County, Bakersfield, Ca.  Who, by the way, stated that my conviction could have been a mistake, of course it was!  But instead of rectifying the gross mistake he sent me on my way with a sentence of life plus 62 years.  In 1989, the Appellate courts reversed my case in part pertaining to Judge Nairn’s statement.  In the process of being stubbed again by the same Judge my attorney Dominic Eyerabide sought a court order preserving ‘all’ evidence in my case: partial prints, D.N.A. evidence that would have freed me.  The order was granted!  Shortly, after the O.J. Simpson fiasco, I obtained the services of Barry Sheck.

Sending his people to Bakersfield, California, to retain the evidence the evidence majically [sic] disappeared.  How convienient [sic], for the prosecutor, Joseph Becket to retain an [sic] conviction of this magnitude.

Being a person of low economic means this is where I stand today seeking much needed help in establishing my innocence.  I know its [sic] not the in-thing to believe a convicted felon, but I tell you this is not a perfect system.  In Folsom State Prison, two prisoners Chance and Powell were wrongfully convicted of murder, which to everyone’s surprise they were in the L.A. County Jail when the crime happened.  It took the [sic] 17 years to be cleared.

My friend Jeronimo [last name omitted] was wrongfully convicted of a murder he happened to be 400 miles away from.  Now, what superman can do that?  I spent 3 years with him in Tehachipi State Prison.  He was a good man, a good father and from what I saw a loyal husband.  For 27 years this mans [sic] life was kidnapped, oppressed, and demeaned for something he categorically had nothing to do with.  I respected him most for giving his life to this country in the face of extreme racism.  I saw him disrespect no officer or try to overthrow the system like so many would have you believe.  As I sit here silently dredging in my turmoil I pay my respects to the man in whom I’ve grown to love.

Digital audience, if there’s anyone out there who cares about Justice, this man would greatly appreciate your aid.

Sophie, I honor this endeavor you have undertaken, it could not have been easy giving voice to the voiceless.  Thank you!




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