Chronic Pain Not Taken Seriously as Inmate Detox’s While Doctor Vacations


Tuesday Night

1:40 A.M.


Hi Sophie,


I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.  I put in a medical request over a month ago telling the DR. that prescribed me the synthetic pain-pills, Tramadol A.K.A. vitrams [sic], that the pain in my knee has been steadily worsening, and that the pills weren’t doing as much for the pain as they had in the beginning.  Last Thursday I was finally called to medical.  The DR said, well if the pills aren’t working, we’ll D.C.-Discontinue them.  I said, yeah and then what?  I put in the request a month ago because the pain was really getting worse.  A month later it only tolerable as I have amazing mental control of my body.  Tai-Chi and Kickboxing training years ago.  It still helps, at times.  So the DR. explains a series of injections to block the pain.  He said one a week for three-weeks.  Told me I only had a few days to decide.  I told him I’d let him know.  Thursday and Friday I got 600mg of Tramadols [sic].  Saturday on nothing…When I was put on the pills I’d asked what they were and did and all of that fun stuff.  One think I clearly remember was being told that there were no adverse effects of coming off them.  I just spent four days in hell.  I’m not an addict to have had no experience with detoxing, but there were times in the first two days that I was a very evil-minded person.  In the last four-nights, I may have gotten 5-hrs.  sleep total.  None of the counsellors [sic] have ever talked to me.  This is supposedly a prison-rehab.  They fed me synthetic narcotics for about two-months.  Long enough for my body to build an addiction.  Then yanked them away.  Cold-blooded…

I filled a medical-request on Monday to see that same quack.  I was canes [sic] down to medical.  After waiting 90-minutes while waiting, I was told the DR. Wouldn’t be back for at least 7-days more.  Vacation.  While I DT’D in a hot cell and in pain.  After that mood altering visit I was thoroughly pissed.  So now the pain in my right knee is excruciating.  I’m allowed to go down to the med window once a day, but not every day, once for up to 800mg. of ibuprofen.  I buy Advil from the commissary and eat them until there is blood in my urine.  Then I back off.  I see no way that this can go on now.  The DR. shut off my meds and then left the building…

I’ve recently both got a haircut, one every two months in here, and made it to level 3 in this program.  So I am allow [sic] to grow back facial hair.  As soon as I look normal again I’ll send you a photo so you have a visual.  It seems to make writing easier if I know the thing I’m writing about or person I’m writing to.

Wednesday 12:30 P.M.  I was called down to medical by some DR.  I’ve never seen before.  He gave me some novacaine [sic] and a big suringe [sic] of hydrocortisone.  I have no idea how long it will last, but for the moment it feels a lot better.  I told him of my detoxing adventure during the heatwave [sic] and he said it must have been horrible.  Honest at least.  He said he’d see me in a couple of weeks.  I need to find out what his name is and write it down.  He doesn’t belong here.  Way to realistic.


[At the request of the inmate, the rest of this letter is not published because it is personal.]


Take Care,



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