Placed in Segregation: This MSP Inmate is Seeking Answers for His Losses

To: Sergeant Ross

From: Bartolo [last name omitted]

Date: July 16, 2011

Subject: Administrative Segregation

Sgt Ross,

On June 26, 2011 you had me placed on ad Seg.  I have a right to know, and I would like to know what your reason for placing me on ad Seg?

You had told me I would be on ad Seg for two (2) days, then I would return back to the medium unit.  I ended up being placed, erroneously, on ad. Seg for sixteen days.  I lost my job, I lost good time, nearly lost my mind, and suffered tremendous physical and mental pain.

Before I can get closure on this issue, I need some accountability.  I’m sure you can understand my dilemma and equally.  I’m also sure you will help me get to the bottom of this travesty of justice.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

cc: file                                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

voices from the cracks                                                 Bartolo [last name omitted]

Sgt. Ross

Warden Barnhart

Commissioner Ponte

2 responses to “Placed in Segregation: This MSP Inmate is Seeking Answers for His Losses

  1. 16 days?! There is NO reason. It’s obviously an abuse of authority. Anything over 48 hours is abuse in my opinion. Do these “nut jobs” realize they will have to answer to their maker some day? This whole segregation “shit” belongs back in Medieval times or something. It’s appalling and disgusting to treat humans like animals! Hope this gets resolved.


    • Suzie,

      I agree with you fully, it is outrageous. 16 days is actually not as uncommon as we would like. Often inmates are placed in solitary for weeks as punishment, and then of course, there are those that live for 30 plus years in a 9×13 cage. It is beyond appalling, it is torture. Thank you for your comments and for supporting the blog. –Sophie



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