Where MSP Inmates are Comming From: A Short Manifesto Regarding Voices

Dear Blog,                                                                   7-13-2011

Many indivisuals [sic] have been here for years.  They are excited about the new opportunity to express themselves in a public Blog.  In the past they been expressing their concerns to the prison officials who simple [sic] disregard them.  They believe the Blog has instiled [sic] a sense of hope within them.  They believe the Blog may generate public interest twords [sic] the counterproductive manner of the government’s way of handling the marginalized.  We are grateful to all of you listeners interested in the quality of humanity.

I understand Sophie has been posting our complaints in regards to the staffs psychological torment twords [sic] the people here.  Please understand that it’s a very tense time, and people are venting to the Blog in hopes of building up momentum for prison reform.  Nevertheless, we also understand that the Blog’s purpose is not only to voice our concerns in hopes of change, but also to show who we truely [sic] are.  We have been working on drawings, stories, and poetry to express are [sic] creative talents that will be sent to the Blog for your enjoyment soon.

Please encourage friends, family, and the public to become interesed [sic] in what happens here at the prison.  Its [sic] possible with all your support and sense of direction we can end this counterproductive giant that oppresses and destroys peoples [sic] lives into a [sic] effective process that inspires and encourages them to overcome their shortfalls.  We believe with the right guidance amazing change can happen that will produce fruitful lives for all, including society.

Thank you viewers for your interest.  We also thank Sophie for her intellect and hardwork [sic] in creating and maintaining the Blog so the voices from the cracks can be heard!


Maine State Prison


2 responses to “Where MSP Inmates are Comming From: A Short Manifesto Regarding Voices

  1. Sophie, just like Henry wrote, you are performing a wonderful service. Keep it up. This is a safe and effective way for people behind bars in Maine to speak out. And we out here are reading what they write,. Count on it.



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