MSP Warden Caught in Sticky Land Deal: An Inmate has Questions

Dear Blog                                                                                7-17-2011

The Warden tried to pull a fast one on the Maine tax payers.  Check out the news paper [sic].  She bought Maine property and land worth $458,000 for $175,000.  She was going to subdivide it and have the Maine tax payers pay for lawn care for the next 4 years.

Dont [sic] let people fool you!  She knew what what [sic] was going on.  She is a smart women [sic].  We all know that you can’t buy stuff from the state, if you work for it.  Its [sic] a conflict of interest, and we all know that!

She came from out of state last year to be the warden here.  I think she knew about this deal when she came up!

People should call the news papers [sic] and have them check out this websight [sic]!  “voisesfromthecracks” [sic]

A few good questions that should be asked are.

  1. When did she know about the land deal.
  2. Why didn’t Maine market the property
  3. Who was going to do the lawn care!  ‘Prisoners’?

How can a prison run professionly [sic] if the Warren [sic] is corrupt?  Please call the news and have them check out this web Blog.  It’s a great time to expose these corrupt people!!!

With her unethical behavior, I wonder if she would let a murderer our for a dollar or two.


Maine State Prison


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