Worried for the Future: One Inmate Asks…What is Happening to Education in America?


Again.  greetings fellow Bloggers.


Yes, its [sic] me again.  Thaddeus.  Which I truly hope did not bore you with my first blog.  As I set my eye’s [sic] on the in-Justice [sic] done to me, it hasn’t stagnated my thoughts, ideas and perception on just my immediate situation.  but has allowed me to see and feel past the snare I’m presently caught in.

Two weeks ago I viewed a video called—Waiting for superman–.  this documentary, with profound precision, delved into the education system that I once thought was the best in the world.  Little did I know the United States is doing a grave dis-service [sic] to those who might eventually govern this country.  For those children who are of the lower economic class: blacks, Latinos and other people of color, are feeling and experiencing the gross neglect of this educational system.  Now, as this has been going on since the eighteenth century we come to an [sic] new era where this gross neglect is now affecting whites as well.  The United States, at one time was number one in education, what happened?  In math and science the United States is behind China at least three years!  Two years behind South Korea and Finland is number one, yep.  I was thinking the samething [sic].

Tell me this, has America dumbed down its citizenry?

Here’s an idea what if, those who are in power, strengthen the weakest link of society and made them feel truly American.  What if, being the richest nation in the world they did the right thing for once and educated this citizenry from a global perspective wouldn’t that help the USA globally become number one again?

Here’s a thought, China’s middle class is the three-hundred million people roughly the total population of the USA.  If that is fact why can’t this country produce a three-hundred million people middle class here?

If noone [sic] is recognizing this blatant lie the elitist in this country are perpetrating than these words are for naught.

I only say, wake up people!!

Signing off




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