Corrections Officer Places Inmates Together Knowing They Will Fight, Punishment Follows



On 7-2-11 Sgt Petrino tould [sic] me to move in to [location omitted] to do my D time and I tould [sic] him no that I can not [sic] move into that room because I did not get along with the inmate and that I was going to have trouble in that room and he wrote me up for refusing to go in the room and for threating and I did not refus [sic] to go in the room and I did not threatin [sic] aneyone [sic].  I just tould [sic] him if I go in that room that I am going to have problums [sic].  I don’t know what is going on with the officers and sgts here but thay [sic] are causeing [sic] alot [sic] of the fight’s here at M.S.P.  Just like my room and I got in a fight because sgt Ross would not move one of us and went to another fullcity [sic] with no write up’s.  I got 2 write up’s and go 60 days loss of good time 60 days in seg and $100.00 fine that is not right.  I am going to have to take this to a [sic] outside court.  The offiers [sic] and sgts here at M.S.P need to be invesergated [sic].

Thank you



Would you please see if you can fiend [sic] me 3 or 4 atteneys [sic] to take a lawsuit for me and write the names address and phone nubers [sic] down for me if you can.

Thank you for your time



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