Three Corrections Officers Working Hard for Change at Maine State Prison

Dear Commisioner [sic] Ponte                                                                        8-1-2011


The past couple of months here at the prison have been stressful due to the changes.  However, I crossed paths with three officers that had a sense of integrity, respecfulness [sic], professionalism, and also one was exceptionabley [sic] inspirational towards a troubled prisoner!

While I was at the prison’s property department I overheard officer [name omitted for confidentiality] consoling a troubled prisoner.  He offered empathy and he shared a personal story with him about his own [life].  [Due to confidentiality, Sophie is going to sum up the story…the officer had a person he knew that was incarcerated and was able to get out of prison and change their life path.]  He encouraged the prisoner by speaking words of inspiration.  He made a deal with him.  As long as the prisoner was successful with the disciplinary time, he would allow him use of [specifics omitted] that the prisoner wanted.  I thought that was great.

Officer Hankins is also an exceptional staff member.  We had a conversation that involved many subjects.  One stood out from the rest.  As I was describing the way prisoners are oppressed due to prison staff, officer Hankins reminded me that in any situation a person can excel if they put their minds to it.  I agree!

Finally, Sergeant Giffort has been respectful and professional while dealing with inmates.  We had a conversation, and when it ended I realized he had instilled a sense of humanity within me.  He did nothing spechal [sic], just treated me like a human.

Mr. Ponte to fix the problem please help with rehabilitation through inspiration!


Thank you for your time




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