Denied Medical Treatment, Property Missing 3 Years, and Serious Doubts About Ponte


Dear Sophie Inchains I got some stuff for you to put on the computer if you so kindly could.

First back in 2008 I went to federal prison from here.  This place was suppose to send my property home.  Well it never made it there.  Back then this place famous for stolen property.  Well get this this happened in 2008 well done day I got out of S.M.U and when I got out and got my property after getting out of S.M.U they gave me my photo album from 2008!  They gave it to me in 2011.  I said to the property officer I said I don’t have a photo album yet he said well there are photo’s [sic] of you in here so I looked at it and it was my photo album from 2008.  I almost cryed [sic] when I looked at it because all of the photo’s [sic] of my dead brother is in there.  So I got my phot [sic] album from 2008 I did not have when I got heare [sic] and they refuse to admit my property from 2008 got stolen.  That is the first thing.

2 I am being refused medical treatment I’ve been on the list to see the P.A for five weeks I have not seen her yet I talk to the deputy warden and she ignores me.  The only people they listen to is the child molesters the [sic] protect them dirt bags big time.  Anyway I talked to the administrator of medical Mike Kapanos he lied to my face.  he said he would get me in to see the P.A. on an emergency.  2 day’s [sic] later he said he is waiting for DR Shubert to come back from vacation in 2 week’s [sic] and he will try to get me in to see him.  I have been on the list to see DR Shubert for 7 (seven) months I have not seen him yet.  They are refusing us medical treatment.  They changed there [sic] name because they are getting sued so much.  That is it on that subject

This prison is in bad shape it is being run like a joke.  9 offcers [sic] quit nobody wants to work here.  There are more quitting they just dont [sic] no [sic] it yet.  This new commisher [sic] is pissing people off.  Ever since he took over the violence has doubled.  Paul Lapage [sic] hired commisher [sic] Ponte as a trouble shooter and to find way’s [sic] to save and make money.  In the process soon there is not going to be enough c/o’s to run this place.  What are they going to do then.  And I can tell you the inmates are getting real pissed off bad.  Because retards run the place.

Sophie that is all I go please post this you’re the best


Maine State Prison


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