An Inmate Questions: Where is the Help for Incarcerated Vets & Reporting on the CO’s Busted Supplying Drugs??


Thanks for the last letter.  [sentence omitted for privacy]

I still have not received the paperwork you sent to the commissioner.  Shit is fucked up here.  They put a prison in the middle of nowhere.  Hire the locals that don’t know shit and expect things to go right.  Rumor has it, they are shredding our mail!  Its law that they can’t read it, but they read your mail saying it was solicitation.  The stuff you sent me is not solictation [sic].  You are providing the prisoners with a free service that benefits them.  It just shows how they make up their own rules.  Please let me know the progress of the mail issue when you have time.

[Update from Sophie: Since this letter was written the mail issues at MSP have gotten better and Henry finally received the things that were sent to the commissioner.  They had to be sent to him twice, but he does have them in his possession now.]

I was attending the inmate’s Veterans group the other day.  I was surprised to find out that they have very little connections from the outside.  I would think that they would be affiliated with the Eagles club, Amvets, or The American Legion; However, they are not.  I gave the group Sophie’s address and explained what you was doing.  I told them, and they agree that outside support is key to making issues work for us in here.  I believe you will be contacted from this group of veterans.  Maybe you can simple Email other vet groups and let them know there [sic] brothers are in prison and need support. This group has been taken advantage of by the Prison’s administration.  They are not just looking for support, they need a volunteer attorney to protect their rights.

I also wanted to tell you about a big drug bust here.  The c/o’s were arrested for bringing in drugs.  I have not heard much about this on the news or in the paper.  I didn’t know if you wanted expose that on the blog or anywhere else.

It seems to me that your blog is working.  I have a few idears [sic] about the next step if you are interested.  There are other groups that are also supporting prisoners [sic] rights among other things.  It may be a good idear [sic] to contact these groups for support and resources.  Build a colelission [sic] with the other groups.  There is so much going on with the new commissioner, now is a great time to come up with new idears [sic] that will result in fewer prisoners, and fewer prisons.  I was hoping that you could build a relationship with the commissioner and influence him with new idears [sic].  I know he is open minded and is seeking new idears [sic].  He has had meetings with inmates just for that purpose.  I will write more about this subject in another letter.  However I do have a lot of great idears [sic] that maybe you and I can brainstorm on [omitted for privacy].  I will try to get the other groups addresses for you.  CURE is one of the groups.  I think you may have the web site [sic] for the prison.  If you go to then DOC you should see the prisons website, don’t let it foul [sic] you about the classes they offer.  I’m sure the website is full of shit.

I will keep doing what I’ve been doing!



Maine State Prison


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