Corrections Officers Caught with Drugs at MSP in July: Still no Mention in the News

Sophie Inchains,                                                          7-1-11


I appreciate your concern for my protection and safety, and now that I think about it, its [sic] probablly [sic] a good idea not to put myself out there so much; and invite trouble from those who are in charge of my safety and protection.

Normally I would not care, but I recently had some family come back into my life and so I must think of them as well as myself.

I’ve got a 3 day weekend this week, so I’m going to do some writing.  I work [omitted for privacy].  It makes the time pass and it helps me live a little more comfortable in here.

It hasn’t been on the news yet but a husband and wife who’ve worked in here for years just got busted bringing in drugs.  Their names are Ben and Angela Smith.  They got caught w/pot and soboxin [sic] (not sure if thats [sic] spelled right).

I’ll be intouch [sic] soon.  Feel free to show any of my letters w/names to the groups your [sic] working with.



[name omitted for safety]

Maine State Prison


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