Free with the Dead

Harold Sanford Carter III/ 112150

807 Cushing Rd.

Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Free with the dead


(power chords)

I guess I’m a drifter

just living a show

I guess Im a hipster

With no where to go

I dont like TV

I need a radio

Music right no

In mind I’ll go


Like a bird that flys away to the warmth It’ll be ok

Passing bye halo and wings It’s an angel an angel with wings


I guess Im a seeker

just passing bye

I guess Im an outlaw

The honest kind

I dont like hatred

I need some LSD

I am free now

Come fly with me



I guess Im learning

just trying to slow

I guess Im a convict

down in a hole

I dont like pain man

I need religion friend

listen close now

I sin amen




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