A New Light

A New Light

All my life I’ve went astray,

I’ve always thought alcohol & drugs were the way.

But now I see in a brand new light,

For my soul this addiction, I must fight.

To win this battle, I’ll need Him above,

I’ll need all His patience, and all His love.

For it’s my faith in Him, now I see,

That will take these demons, away from me.

To these demons, my soul I thought I lost,

But faith in God is all it cost.

To change ways of life in sin,

I now deep Jesus within.

It’s because of Him, the Holy Son,

My new life now has just begun.

Alcohol & drugs I no longer fear,

Because praying through Jesus, God is near.

I keep Him close, within my heart,

Never again shall we part.

He’s with me in everything I do,

He’s always there to guide me through.

By: James Murray

Maine Correctional Center


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