The Fight

The Fight

My faith is in Him above,

It’s to Him I send my love.

But once upon a time, you see,

My soul was trapped, it was not so free.

I turned to drugs to escape my fears,

I’ve cried a hundred thousand tears.

Because in the dark I was blind,

To all God’s blessings to mankind.

This went on for several years,

Continuing on with all my fears.

Until one day, I saw the light,

For my soul, I must fight.

I pray to Him, whom I love,

My God, my Savior, the one above.

I ask forgiveness, far all my sins,

A new life now, my soul begins.

I spread the word, all around,

That it’s His love, I have found.

His love is there, for all to see,

It’s Him alone, who sets us free.

So I tell you now, everyone,

The fight with Satan, I have won.

For now, I see, the wonderful light,

This is how I truly know, I’ve won the fight.

By: James Murray

Maine Correctional Center


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