I am a pro-constitutionalist with a forward tendency to be a [sic] anarchist to any government rule over the soverign [sic] person. Maybe even anachoroism [sic], someone lost searching for his proper time and place.
Sometimes its [sic] important at the same moment to know what people truly think. We all have been re-programed far from our true being ignoring who we really are.
You have my permission, as always to post whatever I send you. However, F.S.M stands for “Freedom Soverign [sic] Militia”.
It is just me. A created division of the old idea of german [sic]/Norse ideology. The, “Gray Wolves”.
I am lieutenant colonel, Ronald [last name omitted], comrade of the, “Gray Wolves Militia”.

Freedom Rides————

Would you please be kind enough to forward me copies of what you publish that I send.

Thank Y.

Maine State Prison

We live in a present society where special interest places demands upon the STATE, as if the people owe a compelled benifit [sic] upon the whole which does nothing but bog down growth.
Rights granted by the STATE are mere demands to teach how to be controlled absent true independence. Responsibilty [sic] comes from the individual for the benefit of the whole.
Public funds should not be inflated-wages for private interest.
The people have become surfs [sic] without knowing that they are the true power of sovereignty. When governments control, enslave and punish, you have nothing by tyranny. But when the government fears the people. You have liberty. Stop demanding like children.
Laws are being built to invoke fear to nothing but enslaved-compelled –performance against the common good without intent, nor harm-by its people knowing or violating such unjust laws.
We believe that a solution is more laws when a tragic event occurs, more law, more law, more public servants, more strain. The vise [sic] simply sqeezing [sic] the blood out of our people. Public policy from a whinning [sic] greedy people does not and cannot insist on more demands but, a “dummy-down”—ignorant youth. The more you believe society owes, the more it squeezes the very fundamental foundation of liberty. Liberty does not come from give-me give-me we owe you a right? Idiots! You already posses [sic] a natural right as a human beings not to be oppressed by governments. You yet-have-not-a-right-to dictate wants that a rights is a public compelled benifit [sic]. It is independence by choice. You see. The demands of a right from government the less rights you actually enjoy. A division of soverign [sic] states is a creation of Republic rule. Rather it is of it [sic] own freedom. It is assessed by the people, not government over the people.
Freedom and liberty is not a name for a characteristic of actions, its power derives from the people demanding government to be nepotists [sic] for a relative party rule? So I ask…..Really! Determinists and libertarians are mutually exclusive yet compel some idea of the compulsion to say, I am free, which allow degrees of freedom, which are that of the Union States? No. But, if the whole of the people create something in the ruse of freedom, does it have a creation of true liberty? So, does freedom compel us to become nothing more then [sic] free choice and retricted [sic] by our own acts, or is it entirley [sic] dependant [sic] on internal and external conditions, either physical and material; nothing more then [sic] a metaphysical thesis of the act of some hidden faith that man/women with be free or become free by choice only.
Freedom is natural. Not compelled nor, should we place demands for it to be. If so, why do we wish to restrict it by such ideas of performance rather than simply common sense and act responsible. We can’t because we are at a demise within a faction that splits the tree of liberty like a maul [sic] of anger without understanding the compulsion of those unfettered choices. A creation of diversity of government and its people to the point when the people have no idea to what ends they preach their demands to sway public opinion which actually only is the cause of confusion and political collapse. The gradulism [sic] continues towards the collapse of the most in idle-limbo for a socialist cause of material greed and demand right to which we don’t enjoy.—When-policcal [sic]- propaganda-to-socialist-rights is a guise-for-liberty, when in reality it is a fight to crush it! Man is a product of conditioning forces in his environment, social justice, welfare, progressive change of nationalists attitudes to purposely violate human rights to create havoc; build a new system from the consequeses [sic] produced by the unjust demands. We store these false truths away in our memories of what liberty once was, and with overflow we fill our books with reference to anything but, so you see, whenever such extra truth becomes practically relevant to one of our causes of emergencies, it passes from cold-strange to do its evil work to collapse that liberty.

Ronald F.S.M.
Maine State Prison


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