Cell Block Shakedown (A Prison Rap)

Cell Block Shakedown

(A Prison Rap)


Harold Sanford Carter III

Cell block shake down here come the cuffs/here they come get down here come the cops/pepper spray tasers bean bag guns/here come the doggies trying to get drugs


The shackles scar bad/these handcuffs hurt/I need to see a shrink dog these meds dont work/Ive been doing it for years/Ima do five more/outlaw tatted man wicked hardcore/step into the realm/step into the pit/seethe gates of hell/this white boys a witch/play a game of spades/jail is like a game/hold on to rage we locked in a cage/what more can I say/fuck the D.A./bubba go away/that mans got aids/c.o.s babysit/that’s how they get paid/this shit is mad lame/watch me escape/a barb wire fence/and then get shot/directly to the head/jail prison lock up/where life is a bitch

(verse 1)


Another day holmes/another day gone/I look around my space all I see is cut stone/this place is my home/its real fucking sad/my girls on the street getting fucked smoking crack/Im counting off the days/Im looking at my case/I need to write a letter so I trade off my cake/some cats are fake/some cats are hard/cats who like pitchforks are my fucking dogs/Ill meet you at the yard/cypher like gangs/survival of the fittest to survive you will bang/Im talking bout prison/Im talking about jail/They tell you what to wear/and tell you where to shit/take away your woman/and make you jack your dick/you can go gay burrito/and take one for the team/I remember the rape/remember all the screams/It really changes the meaning of a really bad day/Dont get it twisted dog still here we pray/what I write is no lie/Im happy in the day/and at night time I cry.

(verse 2)


I aint slept in five days I got bags in my eyes/nothing else to do but to write these rap rhymes/get it off the mind/before I go blind/call me big crime/I think I did a lot/maybe all this music will get me to the top/better than a sentance/better than a bid/I long for the day I can sing to my kids/but now Im in the cuffs and these chains is real tight/These people got the keys so Im chill and don’t fight/make amends to myself/contemplate wrong right/this life needs correction/Im not a fucking fool/what would you do if me was you/Im sorry god I hate pigs cops fuck screws/cops hate robbers dog this is old news/Am I really bad/Am I really mean/one thing for sure dog I miss the fuckin streets

(verse 3)



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