Box of Happy

Box of Happy

At age four life was no bore, for there was much to explore

playing on the floor, taking old junk clock’s apart to their core.

Granny and Grandaddy did their best to keep me occupied while

Momma worked at the sewing factory.  They were heavenly Saints

whom precious care wouldn’t allow mischief to dare.

I would watch “Hee haw” and drink Granddaddy’s Tea, and he

would joke and tickle me till I laughed so hard I couldn’t See!

It was a Joy each night seeing Momma’s car lights shining bright.  I

knew my love had come for me once again, and we would hug and

kiss like long lost kin.

One night when Momma returned to me late, I rushed to open the

door, I couldn’t wait.

She greeted me with her bright smile and a little box in her small

hands.  Inside was a Shepherd puppy whipping his tail against the

sides.  He was the happiest dog I ever saw.

What a lucky lad I was to have such a wonderful and precious Ma!

By Tony Owen Du’Pree (FLA REP CJCC)

In memory of Millie Presley, May 22, 1942-April 22, 2007

A Precious Saint, Dedicated mother and Active Christian-

Patriot and Nationalist, Die-Hard Loyalist, Racecar Driver, Legendary Dancer, Naturelover Especialy Pensacola Beach, Shrimp boat Capt on Pensacola Bay (Boat Name-Rambler Rose), Folk Singer and Artist, Natural Healer, Comedian, Good Samaritan, Eastern Star, Favorite Hymn-One Day At A Time; Whitty, Cute, Beautiful, Elegant, Charming, Imapireing, Highly Intelligent, Prescious Memory Maker.

In The Service Of The King Jesus Christ!


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