Questioning Corporate Tax Greed and the Treatment of US Workers


Fellow Blgrs. Hello

To all who have faith may God always surround you with an [sic] hedge of protection.

Well, this week was rather interesting to say the least. Now, tell me if I’m wrong. Isn’t America the place where it has been postulated vigorously that the American dream is there for all to partake of when you work hard, be honest, practice moral values etc…..well that seems to be a mantra of the past, unless your [sic] born into wealth, which is less than one percent, roughly. The economy is in the toilet, Obama is being blamed, the congress is playing with peoples lives; the whole system is a joke. Corporations get bailed out and yet the average citizen is tossed to the side like a used dish rag.
Those who are considered the Magnates, corporations and the like are seriously treating the American people like trash. In evading their responsibility of paying reasonable taxes, these companies will up-root their business, at the behest of the people who work for them, and swiftly deployed them to countries who’s taxe’s [sic] are much lower than the measely [sic] 35% tax rate the Unite States has deemed appropiate [sic]. Tell me this, how can millionaires and billionaires treat the very people (US Citizens) who made them the wealthiest people in America like they had nothing to do with their success? And now, bite on this. These same people whom up-rooted their businesses placing them in other countries, has the gall to turn around and sale the American consumer those products that people here once, made, packaged and sold to customers. Now, if that’s right and the American people are fine with it I’ll shut my mouth!
On another note Warren Buffet has challenged the wealthy to pay higher taxes instead of allowing a secretary or any other menial worker shoulder the majority of taxe’s [sic].
America! Wake-up!


4 responses to “Questioning Corporate Tax Greed and the Treatment of US Workers

  1. I agree with much of what you’re saying here. I believe you make a lot of good points , but don’t you think it’s common for most people to shift blame than take responsibility?


  2. Suzie, I sent a copy of your comment to Thaddeus. Here is his response:

    Fellow Blgrs, Greetings

    Dear Suzie Q,

    You asked did I think it common for most people to shift blame than take responsibility?

    First off, I’m honored that you agree with some of what I think. Thank you. and to answer your question, your [sic] absolutely correct only to the degree that if people are not informed of the environment or society in which they live than its easy to put blame elsewhere. Whit lack of power its next to impossible to determine your own destiny. Of course, we think of our country as a free nation because of laws governing our rights, but when you have corporations function above the laws than what? Is it right for the American people, black white, or other to be mis-treated as they are? Look at how many people across this beautiful nation are un-employed or under-employed. Who actually benefitted from the bail-outs?
    Did working class Americans benefit?
    Did the schools or Universities of this great nation acquire any of the bail-outs?
    Suzie Q, if we don’t look after our own citizenry, who will? China? India? Brazil? These are the three powers stepping on the world stage.
    Suzie Q, I leave you on this note hoping to hear from you again. I watched PBS recently and the topic, again was on China. Can you believe they have the only mechanized machine that can explore the depths of the sea floor at 7,000 feet. Natural resources is key. Where does that leave the United States?
    God Bless



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