You’re all Alone

You’re all Alone

If you have an addiction, that needs to be fed.
Like an obsession inside of your head.
You’d do anything, to get that next fix.
Like, stealing, or turning tricks.
If you’re never experienced it first hand.
Then how can you tell me, you understand?
Because you read some books, or took some class?
Where they put your name on some useless plague?
So, try with your books and degrees.
To understand a users mind.
I can most definitely, garantee.
You will be completely blind.
To what goes on inside the mind,
of someone who wants to get high.
I know how it is, because I’ve lived this life.
So, here it is, some good advice.
Instead of trying to be so crooked or stoned.
Try to do the right thin when no ones looking
you’re all alone

Written by: 
Derek Lindsay
Maine State Prison

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