An Inmate Ponders Racism, Christianity, and Foreign Policy


Greetings fellow


Please, am I hearing and seeing things, because apparently, the ole US of A has begun to pay close attention to China.  Say it isn’t so!  Why?  because their fast becoming the global economic engine that the states use to be?  or it is simply despising the changing order.  Now there’s nothing wrong in being a leader, but you must adhere to the basic tenets: take care of home first!  Western ideology pastulates [sic] individual accomplishments: you get yours and I’ll get mine.


They say capitalism is great!  Yes, only to those that are in the minority and I don’t mean that racially.  Now that the world has changed we’ve fallen behind.  Fallen short or just plumb failed!  Which brings me to this question.  how did the most advanced nation in the world as a Western civilization stumble?  I’m using a softer euphemism in describing whats [sic] really going on.  And people know this there’s a lot going on which people refuse to talk about.  It is a shame to be labeled a world power and yet in the twenty first century our racial biases dominates the minds of all Americans from toddlers to elders.  To me, we are very much primitive in our out-dated [sic] thoughts.


We are a nation of three-hundred million and we can’t take care of ourselves.  Greed, greed and more greed will continue to bring this once great nation to its knees.  Instead of focussing [sic] on China and what they’re doing we need to clean-up our own back-yard before instead of owing this one-trillion dollars it’ll be two-trillion.


As long as this country remains elitist it’ll never again be the light of the world.  It’s a horrendous act when we claim, as a nation, to be Christians and can’t mete out the simplest of Jesus’ acts.  giving alms.  Can we become that beacon again?



Love ya.

Cyber world


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