The Future Of America? Does it have One?


Fellow Blgrs.

Something appeared on television the other night where bullying was the issue, but something else caught my attention this past Sunday.  On This Week-Christiane Amanpour-the topic was “Bringing America Back”.  I did not watch it due to my commitment to be in church.  But I do have an opinion if I’m running my mouth too much, hopefully, you my cyber friends will nudge me back in my place.  Now that America’s short coming are at critical mass the media buckled the government responded, again when car dealerships buckled who responded, yep the good ole government.  Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae almost crumbled and since the government represents “you the people” your whatever you want to call them, out.  And now, that you the people are at critical mass in losing your homes, life-savings and dignity where is your bail-out?  Un-employment checks, please! And guess who’s up there playing with your lives?  Right!  Your elected officials.

That isn’t saying much, but there you have it.  Both sides of the aisle sitting there like over-grown children pouting while the rest of the working people in the United States are getting poorer.  The United States is rapidly turning into a two-tiered society, those with wealth and the have-nots.  I’m an innocent black man sitting in prison and the white so-called-middle-class is being decimated.  WE are worse off than some other countries we were previously ahead of in terms of technology, the social upward mobility and truly grasping the “American dream”.

I’ve stated once before-no government has ever withstood the test of time!  SO, where does America stand?  Will we wither away into oblivion or will we rise as a collective nation looking out for all Americans or will we continue on the path of self preservation?



Love you all



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