Top 10 ME Dept. of Corrections Tax Paying Pork Waste Needing Review

Hello Sophie,

Enclosed is a ‘Top Ten (#10) ME Dept. of Corrections Tax Paying Pork Waste Needing Review.’  I’d hope your able to put it on the cite.


  1. Downeast Corr. Facility Housing: Gas cost and staff needed to transfer prisoners to Washington county from Charleston Facility is #100 miles.  From M.S.P. is #170 miles or more.  From M.C.C. to Downeast is an easy #220 one way.
  2. Electrical Power in cells: Staff are able to use rechargeable flashlights to “count” and survey pods after 9:00 P.M.  Keeping night-lights activated in EVERY cell is senseless.  Every other correctional facility uses flashlights to check prisoners.
  3. Recycle Practices Need to be Implemented: Paper and plastic recycle program would alleviate landfill cost in trash and waste weight.  This prison uses extraordinary amounts of paper and plastics.  Let’s go green and keep inmates busy.
  4. Plant Vegetables at M.S.P. in Warren: Numerous flower beds at this prison needs to be filled with vegetables and not flowers.  A waste of water, fertilizer, manpower, and cost to grow flowers.  Encourages staff to reflect this facility has a feminine persona mentality.
  5. Paying Staff to Mow Lawns: Warren, ME has almost #900 prisoners in it.  We are allowing “Security” staff to dictate who can operate a lawn mower.  This is a farce power play by staff to use riding lawn mowers.
  6. American Correctional Association Accreditation:  Since new facility in Warren, ME opened in 2001, this agency pays a Captain wages to guard for accreditation plaque that simply doesn’t even generate funds or benefits.
  7. Food Waste: Staff are allowed to “wing” their own recipes to food that is unsatisfied for consumption.  Should be held accountable for what’s put on a tray.
  8. No Electrical or Plumbing/Heating Courses at Bolduc: Since 2007, these two (2) vocational programs provided prisoners with crucial certificate to possibly enhance employment skills in work force.
  9. More Prisoners on Home Supervised Confinement Program: Since implementation of this program, this facility has seriously dragged its deliberate authority placing prisoners in supervised community confinement program.
  10. This Agency Vindictively Hinders Prisoners Being Statutory Awarded Full Nine (9) Days of Good Time Credits: By state statue 17-A M.R.S.A. 1253, this agency biasly [sic] interprets 1253 (10) (A) and (B) subsections to deprive inmates full nine (9) days of good time credits each month, staff proclaim inmates must be in a community based or rehabilitative program to properly be awarded nine (9) days per month in meritorious

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