Working for Better Legal Services and Finding Some Grains of Hope

Dear Sophie,


I am now back at the prison after spending 4 days at the [name omitted].  I’m glad to be out of there.  It was kind of funny though scaring the hell out of my cellmate by saying I killed three people and loved every minute of it.  I further led him on by saying, “if I ever got out of prison, I would kill again, but before I did, I would call the DA first and make a plea-bargin [sic] with them.  The dumb basterd [sic] believed all of my bullshit.  I told him the truth after awhile.


I have been busy working, writing letters, and working on my appeal.  My lawyer walked out on me the other day when he told me about the DA telling the judge about my case.  I yelled at him, he should not of let that happen.  I have found some case law that may help me and found a law book so I can study and have a better idea of what is happening.  I’m tired of attronies [sic] taking advantage of me.


I found out something that will really help our purpose.  It’s the American Correctional Association.  This is the association that sets all the standards for prisoners.  My friend stubled [sic] on to some numbers next to each policy here at the prison.  He asked the librarian what they were.  She takes out this book that has all the information about the policies here at the prison.  This is where all the policies derive from.  You need to get this book, it may be free if you tell them your [sic] and advocate.  These people perform a big inspection on the prison every year.  Last time they were here the prison had the inmates do all kinds of extra work to make it look like everything is okay.  I believe they can issue fines or not acredidate [sic] prison if they are not on the up and up, I have included a copy of the mail policy from their book.


Check it out.


[Last line omitted]


Thanks Henry


4 responses to “Working for Better Legal Services and Finding Some Grains of Hope

  1. I think f@#%@n’ with peoples’ heads as in the first paragraph says much about your character, therefore, I lost interest in the rest of the letter.


    • Perhaps, we never know what it is like to be someone until we have walked in their shoes. Being honest should not warrant immediate dismissal. This is a space where inmates share whatever they would like, and even though we may not agree with everything they do there is no reason to judge. Try to imagine what life is like when you are doing long periods of time in prison, then imagine that not everyone is perfect, and please try to understand that not everyone sees things the same way. If you look back on this blog you will see that this inmate has written insightful, and heartfelt, pieces that speak much clearer about his character than an incident that he clearly sees as the equivalent of an April Fool’s joke. Sophie


  2. Sophie: I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here but what I’m hearing is very condescending and a double stander. First of all, I would not be engaging in this blog if I didn’t empathize. I don’t need to walk in someone’s shoes or imagine what it would be like to empathize with their situation. As you’re advising me not to judge or base my opinion on one writing, you are making assumptions by one comment that I posted. In this case I am empathizing with the other person, who he refers to as a “dumb ass”, who the joke was played on which I would find somewhat funnier in a different environment, not in an environment where trust is crucial and not something to be compromised for a joke. With that said, I lost interest in this particular posting. I would hope that they would understand that by expressing themselves on a blog they’ll get honest feedback, unless this is a place for inmates to express themselves and all feedback should be limited. I don’t get it. I admit, what I wrote was harsh, but I was expressing my honesty.


  3. First, I am sorry if I came off as condescending that was not my intent and I apologize. Second, I am happy that you are giving your feedback and reading the blog. Honesty is appreciated and honored you never have to censor here. The inmates DO know that they will hear negative things, they are prepared.

    I was defending the person because I felt like you were dismissing him based on one post and I wanted you to know that he is not just the person who played a prank he is more than that. I think it is a good point that you make about the other person and I wish that I could send this thread to the inmate so that he could read it. Right now, I am unable to send anything into Maine State Prison. When I am allowed again, I will be sure he reads this so that he can say what he wants. Usually that is the route I take anyway. It is the purpose of the blog to allow inmates to have their own Voice. Unfortunately, MSP is trying very hard to stop that from happening so I commented back when I usually would have just let the inmate respond. Like I said, as soon as I can get this to him and he can respond I will post it. I just do not know when that will be.

    I always try to stress the no judgement aspect of reading this blog, I feel like it is part of my job as the moderator to remind people when they get upset, which it seemed to me like you were by what you said. I am sorry for offending you, honestly.

    Thank you for reading the blog, and for taking time to respond.




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