Holiday Wishes from Maine Correctional Center

December 19, 2011

Christmas Card

Hi.  Remember that to find the meaning of life one must simply stop searching, and live it…

I miss not having people to write to.  All of the people I used to write stopped writing to me at the same time.  Bad mail breath…?  I hope you’re ok, nothing wrong.

My release date should be [removed for privacy].  Until then I sit.  I am at a pre-release and because of my [removed for privacy] not allowed to work.  I may start working out.  Up to 198 lbs.  Good time to make the ladies happy.  I’ll have nothing to do after my month of classes…

Take care,



One response to “Holiday Wishes from Maine Correctional Center

  1. Hi, there

    I’ve just read your post on ‘Voices from the Cracks’. I just wanted to wish you all the best for your impending release. It must have hurt very much to lose your pen contacts. However, as we move through life, I’ve found that some friendships are short-term, some are medium-term and others last for far longer durations. Unfortunately, we’re not always aware of which friendships are going to fall into which categories! You’re now moving on and I’m certain that new contacts and friendships await you. What you’ve actually done is to move on from old, stale energies that no longer serve you. The great, much celebrated Oscar Wilde (who also spent time in prison), said: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future’. May you enjoy the future you’re creating…..




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