Wrongfully Incarcerated Since 2000: This Inmate is Seeking Legal Assistance and Freedom

December 20, 2011

Dear Sophie,

Enclosed is a drafted letter I used to write a handful of lawyers seeking to help me on my ongoing struggles with bias parole board.

In 1999, I committed a minor offense. Was sentenced in Androscoggin superior court to a minor term of imprisonment. Judge outright told the prosecutors, “Mr. Wardwell is no longer on parole”. I have written to Auburn, ME superior court (clerks office) seeking docket # to that offense. As they have not answered my first letter. So I wrote them again last week. I am back-tracking some documentation to eventually support my multi-million dollar lawsuit down the road.

Once sentenced in 1999, some unknown probation officer or cop kidnapped me to M.S.P. Records here would prove no parole officer violated my parole. As I was on parole and was eventually “discharged”, in 1980’s. When they did eventually bring me to parole board, a five (5) year term was issued. When I went again (2007) another five years was imposed. I have been incarcerated over ten (10) years for what? Parole records cannot substantiate any documentation how I came into Maine D.O.C. custody. Past ten (10) years classification officials (about 6 various ones), and unit managers have asked me how I was brought into prison? As no ‘sentence or commitment’ paperwork exists.

You might be asking, “why did I wait over ten (10) years before filing a #2254 habeas corpus petition in U.S. District Court (Bangor)?” Because prisoners are threatened and written up for helping prisoners at M.S.P. Yep, good ole’ boy system has an iron fist on prisoners helping other prisoners. Why only one (1) paralegal is paid #320 @ [sic] to assist #700 prisoners in need of legal assistance.

Eventually I will be released from my illegal sentence and sue the state for caging up a #70 year old man. Recently, I have reassured my ex-wife I’ll be home soon. We’ll get re-married again. As a probation officer (Roy Gutfinski) one day kept hounding her to divorce me. That way, I wouldn’t have a place to parole to upon my release. She ended up throwing all my clothes away and signed divorce papers Mr. Gutfinski made out for her.

Maine is trying to possibly reinstate parole back to Maine statue. We need a whole new board. As ex-prosecutor (Neale Duffett) is blatantly violating people’s rights and this cat is a public defender in Ptld [Portland]. I always do wonder how these folks can sleep themselves to bed at night. Please do not worry about exposing the truth of this letter. 12-18-11 Bangor Daily News just published a story on me. Pretty soon I’ll be preaching a senate committee should commence and fire a bunch of bias state workers for my pains. Sincerely,
Gaylon L. Wardwell

December 20, 2011

In 2000, prison official had extra beds in their new Warren facility. I was arrested for new criminal conduct, after being on parole for #15 years or more. Pursuant to 34-A M.R.S.A. 5809 my parole sentence was eventually ‘discharged’ by penal officials. But due to new charges prison staff illegally reinstated my parole status. Lawcourt already declared this practice as illegal in State v. Rodney Austin, 663 A.2d 62 (Maine 1995). Still parole board has wrongfully held me in custody so far for over ten (#10) years.

Last month, Esquire Duffett (parole chairman) appointed me an attorney. This is highly rare.

Esq. Pagnano has been appointed to represent me. But I keep hearing your office would adamantly represent my best interest at my parole hearing and future civil rights complaint.

If your unable to represent my claims, could you possibly refer me to another attorney? I thank you in advance for your time and attention.


Gaylon L. Wardwell

9 responses to “Wrongfully Incarcerated Since 2000: This Inmate is Seeking Legal Assistance and Freedom

  1. I hear you; however this man is my biological father. After reading his prior offences, he is right where he belongs. At least he can’t hurt anyone. He set his first wife on fire and killed her, which cause her to give birth early to thier soon to be child. The baby died. He then set thier home on fire which ended up killing thier 18 month old son. The mother left behind one daughter and two sons, and he ended up getting charged, the children grew up without their parents. When he was allowed to get out he sexually assulted his biological daughter, the one who was only 3 when she lost her mom. I know this because I walked in on this. He continued to live out in the blue skyed green grassed world, he owned nice things and in time he got caught again. He molested a seven year old girl, as well as many more little girls that came forward. If you research his present court case you will see that he did not follow the rules that require certain time limits. Once again, he is right where he belongs. He shortened 3 lives, they didnt get to see the skies, or green grass, so why should he. Sorry if this truth offends someone, but for mant peoples saftey this “story” should be told.


    • Let me start by saying I am deeply sorry for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your feelings on the blog.

      This is a place where inmates are free to express themselves however they see fit. It is a place for them to have a Voice in a world where they are almost completely invisible.

      My heart is with you.



      • I know this man. He caused alot of pain in my family… Because of the pain he caused me and my daughter I could never forget that.. I lost a mom she disowned me but I finally after 11 years and her divorce I got my MOMMY back in my life. I hate him dearly even after him giving me away at my wedding… Those are things you cant replace.. He deserves to stay in there because of our scaredness me and my family are going through.. Please help keep him locked up for good so he cant hurt another soul even if he doesnt have one.. COWARDS CAN NOT BE HEROS…..thanks


  2. Thank you for your opinion, and I understand that all need a safe place for their voice to be heard, I am greatful you let me share mine as well.


    • Well said Angel..i have had the chance to meet this sweet girl under these issues…im being the voice of my murdered sister…Anita {Michaud} Wardwell…i am the youngest sister…whom was only 8 yrs old at the time of this horriable murder….this monster took her life and her 15 month old son and ended another life she was carrying…he strangled my sister in her bed and poured keroscene over her and set her on fire.left the baby in his crib to die of a horriable death. he has caused so much pain in all our lives…he has the nerve to say he should be free…what about Anita and Joseph and unborn baby….we as her family want to see him serve the life sentence he was suppose to get…and make him pay for his crimes….may he “ROT” their in prision….


  3. Dear Angel, Elinda, and Patricia:
    I have posted all of your comments in an effort to be fair and offer readers to express dissenting views; however, I am not going to publish anymore comments from your family or friends on this thread because this blog is a space for inmates Voices. Although I deeply feel for families and victims they have MANY places to express themselves and let their pain and anguish heard. Inmates do not have that same luxury. Whether or not you agree with the mission of this blog, or the things the inmates say, is irrelevant. This is THEIR SPACE. Below are some links to places where you can find your own spaces to give voice to your pain.
    I wish your family all of the best and kindly thank you all for sharing your stories, as well as taking the time to read the blog.
    Best Wishes,




    • my name is steven w wardwell i am sorry to say im the son of gaylon l wardwell how do i speake to someone about him to keep him in there where he belongs he should have never been let out the first time can you respond to me 207 538 0725 hope to hear from you thank you steve wardwell sr


  4. If parole is reinstated, and you get out, what then. How will you live and who will take care of you. 73 yr olds are having a hard time getting by these days. I know you; you are never satisfied with what you have at any given time. The truth is, it doesn’t exist in your world. Don’t you think it would be better to stay where you are, free room and board, medical, people you know, maybe even a friend.
    If I was you, I would think this through. Life on the outside isn’t a fantasy, its hell. Why not do an unselfish act and be happy with yourself. You are after all your own best friend. I wonder if you understand me. You need to protect, and take care of yourself as well as your well-being.
    I have looked death in the face (5) times in the last two years. I now live with half a heart, a pump, and two batteries to stay alive long enough to (maybe receive a transplant). The day is coming for you to. I’m afraid you will agree at the time, peace with yourself is the only thing that really matters regardless, where you are in life.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, prison isn’t much different than a nursing home. So stop spinning your wheels and get to know yourself while you have time!


  5. Not according to the MDOC website. You have to charges both class A murder. On one charge you had 50 years of probation and the other says life. The earliest release date says life.
    I see no reason for Mr. Wardwell to believe he was wrongfully incarcerated. His judgement & commitment papers would be from the new charges but once the probation violation was recognized by the now defunct. Parole board they probably used that. Unless he had discharge paperwork from the parole board whichi doubt he does he was never discharged.



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