Transfered to San Quentin: An Update from Thaddeus


Greetings my fellow
Blgrs. and my wonderful
Friend Sophie.

I am terribly ashamed that it has taken me so long in hitting the site. But don’t fret I’m getting situated here in the infamous, legendary, and noted prison: San Quentin. Yep, after twenty-six years of incarceration, I finally made [it]. This must be the end!

First off, we are being housed in West block, which, presently, is the reception. This is where those that are new coming into the system get classified. And then, in time will be transferred to their final destinations. Now, the problem comes when, before general population got here reception was suppose to be gone and the block fitted for housing main-line convicts. Here’s the clincher! We have no electricity to use our appliances. There’s only lights in the cell! This person who was supposed to have solved this situation felt the need to squander the financed and do it her way. Mind you, this was a woman that a man felt the need to put in charge of a major blunder. Not saying that she couldn’t handle the situation, but merely noting that a male passed a disaster into a females lap.

From the mouth of an [sic] sergeant its unconstitutional to have us housed in an unlivable situation. The convicts here have taken the iniative [sic] to clean-up the building, which was beyond filth. But now its really opened my eyes to further deepen my understanding of those who are less fortunate than the present situation I find myself in.

But Sophie, truth be told I’d rather be in this situation than my previous one. I’m not complaining only stating the real. Unfortunately, I’m enjoying myself Sophie. I’m working on another novel, but I’m going to gather some tales about the ghost who lurks behind these walls. Please, please have a wonderful Christman and an even happier New Year. Sophie, Continue in struggle.

San Quentin, CA.

2 responses to “Transfered to San Quentin: An Update from Thaddeus

  1. So happy to hear from you again ! I thoroughly enjoy your blog’s . I am glad to here that your transfer was smooth and that you have been happy and well. My hunny jst transferred out from S.V.S.P to
    L.A.C and we too cld not be happier! So sad to say but that place is getting worse by the min. We were blessed to get the L.A.C move,he is now only a 1 hour drive away from his home. I have heard all about reception,it sounds as if none of the institutions who are on the receiving end of these transfer’s was truly ready for the volume that they are dealing with. I do hope that by now you have seen committee and are housed comfortably. I also prayed that your
    X-Mas and New Year were safe and enjoyable. San Quentin aye? Watch out …someone is officially gangsta ! 😀 stay blessed !



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