Still Held at MCC and Fearing Retaliation from Staff Over Inquiries

Dear Mrs. Sophie Inchains 1/25/2012

I have written you already once not too long ago and I am writing once again so that I can explain how I feel about my current situation, and in hopes that you can better help me if possible. Because now some new things have come up. But, please allow me to explain that it is in fact a part of what I had written to you about a week ago.

They’re still playing games with me, im [sic] still getting the “run around”, but now they’re saying that the write up that I supposably [sic] kicked out of CCF for has been thrown out. However, I still have seg. time to do on a previous write up that is not true. I only had one other write up that I had received and was found guilty at CCF, but was already taken care. I had received a class A and a class B, they had dropped it and I received a class C write up instead. My punishment consisted of 5 days room restriction at CFF and was completed accordingly with no loss good time.

At CFF my D-board officer was sgt. Robberts, I had asked MCC to call him and check with further information so this matter can be resolved. I have written to everyone here that I could possibly think of to also help me get this matter resolved. But, no one has any helpful information and im [sic] still helplessly clueless as to what’s gonna happen to me. However, MCC did tell me that I am still minimum, (thank god for that much).

But, I do fear that they will try and write me up, for administrative burdon [sic] or failure to adjust for making “waves”. That would’nt [sic] be right or fair on my behalf. That’s why im [sic] writing today explaining my current situation in hopes that you may be able to help me. From what I have heard you’re the only one that can help me at this point.

I apologize for any inconvenience and I appreciate your time. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely & Respectively

[letter unsigned]


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