About Voices from the Cracks

Jails and prisons are designed to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in a zoo – obedient to our keepers, but dangerous to each other.  -Angela Davis

This blog is a project with the purpose of allowing prisoners to express themselves in the public sphere.  We believe that visibility is vital to undermining the systems that are created to oppress and silence the marginalized.  This blog is not a celebration of crimes nor in anyway does it seek to invalidate the experience of victims, only recognize that prisoners are still human, and need to be heard.

All blogs are typed and published with the permission of the prisoners.  The typist does their best to keep the authenticity of the syntax and diction.  Areas of text that are misspelled in letters to the blog are marked with [sic] instead of being corrected in an attempt to keep the original art as true to form as possible.

Poetry is published in the exact format it is written in.  There will be no notations for spelling or grammar to keep the pieces as true to the author’s original intent as possible.

If you know prisoners in the United States that would like to contribute to the blog, or have questions, please contact us at: writingfromthemargins@gmail.com

Currently, Voices is unable to accept submissions due to budget crisis and a move. A post will go up as soon as a PO Box is available.

We accept all written word and art.

The views expressed in the writing and art do not necessarily reflect the views of the blog staff, nor will staff condone or reject differing opinions or thoughts.  Because the goal of the blog is a voice toward visibility, everything received will be published but staff reserves the right to omit names, exact dates, and addresses at we see fit to protect the inmates, their families, and staff.

We reserve the right to refuse publication for any reason, although we hope we never have to.


Sophie Inchains


10 responses to “About Voices from the Cracks

  1. All of you wonderful,strong,good men are being heard! I am a lifer’s wife and your words may sting my eyes with sad tears at first,you always wind up helping me to relize one thing or another! Thank you,stay strong and knw you are heard.


      • I have told him all about it! To my suprise,he already heard of it! I am telling all of the lovely lady’s who love their inmates about it as well.After all,the number of women who are now in relationships with incarcerated men has jumped to tripple numbers in the last few years,we are a new force to be reckond with! Thank you for all you do.For myself personally, you have informed me and given me much insight into my loved ones surroundings. I am told much by him,however,he withholds that in which he believes would worry me. I however need this understanding and insight. Also,I must thank you for helping myself out with one of the biggest issues I face (besides the obvious 😉 and that would be,you help me pass my time!!! Thank you from this side of the wall!!!


  2. I have a son in Maine State Prison in Warren, Maine. I will send him infor about this site. He will write me and I will post for him. He is in seg right now. He will be in seg until the end of July. I am trying to find out if I can have books sent to him there so he can stay busy and not become too depressed. Also does anyone know if my son is allowed visits in seg? Thanks for having this site.


    • You are welcome, thank you for reading. Your son can send things directly to Voices if he wants to submit. Tell him to send to Sophie Inchains PO Box 2900 South Portland, ME. 04116 Please let him know that he will be published here and heard by all, however the Maine DOC has banned me from sending any inmates in the state mail, so I will not be able to reply to him. I will look forward to hearing from him. As for visits as far as I know he can still have visits as long has he is jumping through all the right hoops. The person to call is named Cheryl. You must call to make a visit on certain days, which I believe are Monday and Tuesday. The number is 207-273-5301. Keep calling back if you don’t get her. She works the main line as well as the visit schedule so she can be hard to reach. Before you can have visits you will need to fill out a form with MSP that you can download and print from online.

      Here is a link to the form: http://www.maine.gov/corrections/Facilities/VisitFormRevC.pdf

      Here is a link to the visitation information page: http://www.maine.gov/corrections/Facilities/msp/MSPVisiting.htm

      Here is a link to the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-Pac), and organization that you should be in contact with if you have not already: http://www.maineprisoneradvocacy.org/

      Best of luck! And if you need any assistance or want to stay in contact with me privately at anytime you may email: writingfromthemargins@gmail.com



  3. I have been there, in the crack, and so many days seemed devoid of daylight and full of pain, wondering if i could go on. Thank you for giving these men a voice. I too have started a blog to help give myself and others a voice.

    Stay strong everyone, and use your time wisely to work through that anguish.



    • Thank you so much for this comment. It speaks directly to my heart and the hearts of many. Please post a link to your blog or email it to me I would love to see it. I am happy that you are out and that you are working towards visibility for yourself and others.

      Solidarity Always,



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