Faces of a Just Cause

Faces of a Just Cause

There are many reasons to serve the cause of Peace. Take your pick. Do you watch the news and see the never-ending wars? Are you moved by the faces of those suffering from hunger and malnutrition? Or maybe you see your own children and grandchildren and want the world to be a better place for them.

I have my reason for serving Peace, and I’ve already discussed my primary motive in a previous essay, but I must confess that I’ve never been more driven by another cause. I need nothing more to motivate me, and yet the world offers up a bounty of reasons to stand.

When is the violence to much violence? Have we become desensitized by what we see on film and television? The suffering we see on the evening news is visceral. The images of innocence lost are the epitome of reality television. So why do we marginalize the suffering of other people by changing the channel when we see their pain reported on the news?

I suppose we may feel a sense of helplessness, or even a disconnect because it’s easy to press a button on the remote and change the channel. Still others (and I hope they’re in the minority) simply don’t care. It would be different if the pain and suffering were at our feet. Then there would be no escaping it. God forbid it happen to our friends or even our family.

I think it’s a mistake to change the channel without acknowledging the suffering of others; even if they are half a world away. I’m tired of the images of children dying in the streets of Syria, or in the villages of The Sudan. These are the faces of a just cause. If I can do something, anything, to bring about change, then I will try to do so. I simply cannot remain quiet.

If you have had enough of the senseless violence and suffering, I ask you to get involved in any way possible to serve the cause of Peace. We can make a difference.

Jack Bass—Founder of The Peace Initiative

John Bass
PO Box 14 MCN 2C6
Concord, NH. 03302


3-Day Lockdown, Sexual Harassment, and Excessive Force at Maine Correctional Center

On September 19th I locked my cell door at [time omitted] expecting it to be unlocked again the following morning as usual at 5:30 a.m.  I wasn’t released until 11 p.m. on the 22nd.  They locked us down and did a complete shakedown of the facility.  At around 9 a.m. on the 20th, the cert-team from M.S.P. came into our 40-man block.  When they marched out and across the road in riot gear later on I counted 34-of them.  When I was unlocked, I, as all of us, were subjected to total strip searches in our open doorways in front of some woman who appeared there for no more reason than to check out and compare male body parts.  They did nothing but gawk at everyone.  We were allowed to put on boxers, tee-shirts, and shower shoes, then had to keep our hands behind our backs as we were marched out into the stairwell and up to the third floor.  We were sat in plastic chairs with our hands behind us, and facing each other in a big circle, for an hour and twenty minutes.  Then we were marched downstairs so the woman could get one more look at the fine specimens that we were.  The majority of us Irish.  Only one Frenchman in the lot.  She had a good day.

The devastation to our cells was complete.  I had a $16 flex light for reading.  they took the flexible shaft and clip saying my name was not on them.  The storeroom only puts it on the light itself they don’t usually separate the light from its clip.  Now the next search they’ll take the light saying it’s contraband without the clip.  Welcome to Ponte’s Playland…

They have us completely stripping and waxing every floor, even cells, and all of the cells are being painted.  Even the brass door handles are begin polished they fixed our shower curtain and cleaning-sink faucet, the faucet didn’t work at all and the shower is a sadistic nightmare to begin with.  All of this because of some inspection on Tuesday, the 4th [of October], something to do with a lawsuit.  I wish to hell it were mine!!


Letter from Maine Correctional Center

Windham, Maine

[name omitted for safety of inmate]

Top 10 ME Dept. of Corrections Tax Paying Pork Waste Needing Review

Hello Sophie,

Enclosed is a ‘Top Ten (#10) ME Dept. of Corrections Tax Paying Pork Waste Needing Review.’  I’d hope your able to put it on the cite.


  1. Downeast Corr. Facility Housing: Gas cost and staff needed to transfer prisoners to Washington county from Charleston Facility is #100 miles.  From M.S.P. is #170 miles or more.  From M.C.C. to Downeast is an easy #220 one way.
  2. Electrical Power in cells: Staff are able to use rechargeable flashlights to “count” and survey pods after 9:00 P.M.  Keeping night-lights activated in EVERY cell is senseless.  Every other correctional facility uses flashlights to check prisoners.
  3. Recycle Practices Need to be Implemented: Paper and plastic recycle program would alleviate landfill cost in trash and waste weight.  This prison uses extraordinary amounts of paper and plastics.  Let’s go green and keep inmates busy.
  4. Plant Vegetables at M.S.P. in Warren: Numerous flower beds at this prison needs to be filled with vegetables and not flowers.  A waste of water, fertilizer, manpower, and cost to grow flowers.  Encourages staff to reflect this facility has a feminine persona mentality.
  5. Paying Staff to Mow Lawns: Warren, ME has almost #900 prisoners in it.  We are allowing “Security” staff to dictate who can operate a lawn mower.  This is a farce power play by staff to use riding lawn mowers.
  6. American Correctional Association Accreditation:  Since new facility in Warren, ME opened in 2001, this agency pays a Captain wages to guard for accreditation plaque that simply doesn’t even generate funds or benefits.
  7. Food Waste: Staff are allowed to “wing” their own recipes to food that is unsatisfied for consumption.  Should be held accountable for what’s put on a tray.
  8. No Electrical or Plumbing/Heating Courses at Bolduc: Since 2007, these two (2) vocational programs provided prisoners with crucial certificate to possibly enhance employment skills in work force.
  9. More Prisoners on Home Supervised Confinement Program: Since implementation of this program, this facility has seriously dragged its deliberate authority placing prisoners in supervised community confinement program.
  10. This Agency Vindictively Hinders Prisoners Being Statutory Awarded Full Nine (9) Days of Good Time Credits: By state statue 17-A M.R.S.A. 1253, this agency biasly [sic] interprets 1253 (10) (A) and (B) subsections to deprive inmates full nine (9) days of good time credits each month, staff proclaim inmates must be in a community based or rehabilitative program to properly be awarded nine (9) days per month in meritorious

What Comes Next?


Hello fellow Blgrs.

Yeah, its me again, the bald shiny-head black guy.  First, I give props to my friend Sophie!  Once again, I have to delve into race one of the most boring subjects there is.  Now, understand me, this countries track record on the subject past behavior was ruthless and yet in the twenty-first century, we haven’t progressed much.  Lets look at the word-American-what comes to mind: one people moving in one direction concerned only with the upward mobility of all its citizens.  Tell me this, can an organism function without all its parts?  Can it merely move separately from its whole self?  can it fight off diseases in pieces?  These are fundamental questions that need answering without making it seem so scientific, which keeps this country from reaching its full potential.  Until we, as one people, solve these simple questions we’ll never solve the global issue that plagues us today.


Look at China, you might not like them, but look how they move in one direction.  The entire organism moving for a common cause, being the best as a whole Chinese Nation, Germany, Russia and many others nations not fragmented, but pushing forward for the whole cause.


Now, I’m no scholar now scientist only a mere layman doing prison time.  So, how long will it take for this-once great nation-to assemble its fragmented pieces?  Will we continue to express American as a fragmented society or will we rise to the occasion and practice the true idealism America truly stands for.  Over a twenty year period America has went from first to almost last.  How do we account for that?  What is the excuse?  Whose to blame?  But most importantly, what is our solution?  If we don’t find out quickly we might end up seeing this once great nation succumb to vassalage.


People!  Lets find the answers!




To my friend



in struggle

A 24-year-old Man’s Journey to Folsom Prison


After a seventeen and one-half hour bus drive from Chino, California to Represa California, the-Grey-goose-a term that convicts dubbed for the transportation when traveling from the reception center to your final destination.  Suddenly there was a grave-yard at the foot of this winding road leading to the infamous Old Folsom one of the deadliest prisons in California.  As we sputtered up this road a big structure loomed ahead of us.  Picture in your mind a twenty-four year old inexperienced young guy playing like there’s nothing to worry about.  know, I was scared to death!  Mind you, I’m innocent!  Anyway, the gigantic thirty foot doors slowly crept open.  I’d heard many things about Folsom but to actually be there and spend a lot of time there until I capture my freedom was not in my plans.  The Grey-goose slowly entered the pale structure.  As I looked at this monstrosity it looked as if someone took some dynamite and blasted a deep pit and stared building.  We sat their [sic] waiting to be received.  Freddie Jackson’s Rock With Me Tonight was playing, but no one was rockin.


Finally, we were taken to this area over-looking the yard people were milling about.  Suddenly, the yard when down everyone sat down.  I strained to see what was going on my heart was pounding my neck was on a swivel and then I saw correctional officers running with a gurney and as I strained to see the person on the gurney was laying side-ways with what appeared to be a pole thrust through his body.  That scared me terribly!  I didn’t know what to think.  I sat down looking at nothing seeing nothing.  Just as quickly a loud speaker announced-resume program-.  Now I know what those words meant, but they had to be a mistake.  Being placed about the track I yelled down at someone asking them what those words meant.  At that moment people were walking around like nothing happened.  I’d just seen a pole rammed through this persons body and the administration just announced, resume program.


I got there on a Wednesday and all through the week people were getting stuck with knives.  The following Wednesday another person was killed.  From the very first day I knew I was going to keep my nose reeled to my face!


Prison life, then, was a treacherous and violent to the point were eventually a person becomes complacent in that environment.  There’s been many wars fought along racial lines.  Mexicans and Blacks Whites and Blacks.  The cycle of violence never ended.


This is just a taste of what I went through.  Until next time



Always Respect


In the struggle




Inmates Raise 2500$ for Backbacks: CDCR & School District Say, ‘Cash Only’

Sept. 11. 11

Fellow Bloggers

This week I wanted to discuss trials and tribulations this country is having instead an experience I and a couple of friends went through should be noted.  First off, let me theorize on what rehabilitation is and please, Cyber friends, tell me if I’m incorrect.  Shouldn’t it consist of those who have wronged anyone or society the opportunity to repay, redeem or otherwise re-develope [sic] their way of thinking?

My friend Chuck thought of this splendid idea of giving back to those who are less fortunate.  The idea was called-The ABC Back Pack Project- in which we collect donations from the inmates in order to purchase ‘backpacks’ and fill them with school supplies.  We had given the inmates a vision of being able to do something for a child who is unfortunate, but yet put a smile on that child’s face.  CDC recently put the R at the end meaning rehabilitation.  Well, we were in for a rude awakening.  We collected close to twenty-five hundred dollars and that was for the first quarter.  As we were about to have the sponsor of our self help group called BRAG purchase the backpacks the administration decided it would be inappropriate because of some confidentiality mess.  Once before this same group gave a check to a fourth grade class for a field trip and those same kids sent us cards thanking us for what we did which was a wonderful feeling.

Well the superintendent of the school and the administration here wanted us to just cut a check and be through with it.  That’s not the image we gave to the men on this line.  People, this state has mis-managed its affairs and to just give them a check doesn’t ensure those needy kids will receive backpacks.

Here in California the governor—Brown—has cut education here drastically.  Now, it is assumed that kids will only attend schools four days a week.  Now who do you think cares about the generation of kids in this society.