• Any person currently incarcerated in the United States is welcome to submit to Voices.
  • Inmates wishing to have specific pieces sent back to them should enclose a note letting Voices know.  (Enclosing a S.A.S.E. will get submissions back faster)
  • Voices reserves the right to change or omit names and information as needed.
  • All pieces submitted to Voices become the property thereof unless a request of return has been included.
  • Last names of inmates are omitted unless a specific request for correspondence is made by the inmate.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of certain letters and documents published by Voices, we reserve the right to deny full disclosure of an inmate’s identity even at their request.
  • For legal and ethical reason Voices will not initiate contact with family members, lawyers, the media, etc. for inmates.  However, anyone looking for information is welcome to contact Voices and we will respond.
  • If you wish to republish a blog in part or whole please contact Voices for permission.
  • Voices reserves the right to change or modify any and all rules at any time for any reason.
  • Voices is a non-profit blog run by Sophie Inchains a prison activist living in Portland, Maine.
  • If you wish to help Sophie you may do so by sending postage stamps.  Thank you!

Please note: None of the artwork on this site belongs to us it was found on the internet. If you know the source please email the admin so that we can give credit to the artist. Thank you.



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