Maine State Prison “Pilot Programs” Equal Loss of Inmate Rights

Dear Sophie;
My name is [name & number omitted], Maine State Prisoner. You were an advocate for us, until the Prison tried to sever ties, because the prison did not want the public to be addressed about what goes on behind the closed doors of the Maine State Prison. As I write the prison is putting the finishing touches on what they call “Pilot Programs” forcing prisoner to sign away privilages [sic] and rights. Some of the forceful “impliments” [sic] are just down right cruel. I am hoping that you are still interested to help prisoners. If so please write to [name, relationship, and address omitted]. [omitted] will forward your letter directly to me. There are (2) conditions
A) You must sign your letter Sincerely Yours or do not sign at all
B) My lawyer advised, that any inmate that writes to you add “I forfeit all rights to this letter, to the person who is in possession, to do with as they see fit”

After the first couple of letters I believe it would be easier to get document to you via the internet, but either way, using (B) takes away their reprocussion [sic] powers against the inmate.

I appreciate your time and patience to read this letter,
[name omitted]


A witches heart

Harold Sanford Carter III/112150
807 Cushing Rd.
Warren, Maine 04864-4600

‘A witches heart’

My heart is big for I love nature.
Authority, I always question.
Magick is a current inside me.

Magick is a thought-twisted; bent.
Equilibrium is what I am.

The wise beg for equilibrium.
King master of the middle pillar.
I seek to discover the unknown.

A neophyte on the throne to seek.
No desire makes me a master.

My true master is the Phase of Moon.
Truly indeed, I learn from her tides.
Forever in service the gaia.

Forever not will to hypnotize.
The path reveals my own bewitchment.

Along the path; I even hug trees.
Dancing of love and live to meet Pan.
His forest is indeed my center.

A Just US System the Political Schemers


Politicians want to look tough on crime, but they are the ones to blame for prison overcrowding, to them it’s just a Money Game. This is the law they enacted, so what is it really all about? A game they play with human lives called “3-Strikes and you’re out.”

Back in 1994, they started giving us all this time, throwing the key away? They see money, money, money on the prisoners face; no concerns about Rehabilitation just fill up the prison space. That’s what this is all about, what we did was wrong yes, but no one was killed or really hurt but the system is throwing us away like Garbage and Treating Us like Dirt.

This unfair law is affecting everyone who is morally conscious and aware of true justice. If a person has paid for a crime he or she has done in the past, by doing his or her time, then what makes it right, to force that person to be charged again for that same crime that has been paid for?

It’s called overcharging and taking advantage of the power the citizens of California has given to politicians who is supposed to uphold the standards of truth, justice, and fair play.

They took us away from society, with greed in mine, affecting our children and the possibilities in our lives, just so they could capitalize. They have locked us up and don’t seem to want to let us go, a living Hell the over crowding, like living in Roach Motel.

This law was supposed to protect our children, but our schools have taken a fall, it’s about the money, man, not justice for all.

Bad Politicians are cutting our children’s education by millions upon millions of other peoples hard-earned tax dollars they take away from our children’s hopes, their dreams and handicap their future this is not leadership, but a greedy diabolical inhumane scheme that must go away. A monstrous atrocity:

The worst I ever saw, a unjust rule, they call “The 3-Strikes Law”

Written by JJ Walker and Revised by Jimmy Gaffeney Jr. aka Yusuf.

Don’t Throw Snow


The prison guard yelled!
“Put that snow down”
The snow ball fell from my hands.
Down to the ground.
Also did my head look down.
I sad in place for a time to ponder.
What harm becomes of snow?
Twa’s not ice that I held
Sensory deprivation.
Just to touch the snow is a privilege.
The prison guard came close.
A shadow upon me.

Inside was oppression
Outside was rage.
I wont throw snow.
My inner child has been held back.

It’s being held hostage.

Harold Sanford Carter III

A Note from FL and Enclosed Article Written in Tribute of “Grannie”

Sat 9,17,2011

Dear Sophie,

I hope this finds all well with you. The weather here is just getting nice and in the low 80’s. I know it is much cooler where you are but hopefully you can enjoy it.

I am enclosing a article I wrote about my Grannie who passed away in 2005 I hope you will post it with the poems I have already sent you? Please return the article in the SASE?

Sorry you can’t send me a picture […] but I do understand and appreciate your help.

I will pass your info around but these guys in Fla are more into waisting [sic] their time rather than writing something positive.

I rarely receive mail from the outside but I write my cousin to remind her I love her and I will be telling her to pass your info to a few of our family to see and read what I have written.

With much love and respect always your friend Tony!

In The Service of The King Jesus Christ

Tony DuPree 120528

Due to the size of the article that Tony sent I was unable to get it scanned correctly and I opted instead to type it in, making sure to add all the pertinent information about the paper and date. The enclosed clipping follows below –Sophie

Covington Times Courier
Wednesday, August 23, 1995
Page 4B

To my Grannie, Alice Knowles…Happy birthday from Tony

I was born in 1962. By then, Grannie (Alice Knowles) and Granddaddy had already raised a very healthy and strong family of three boys and two girls. Together they farmed and grew everything they needed. Grannie cooked and made all their clothes.

They bought very little from stores. Living the quality life they did, they needed very little from outside their own land, and when they did, it was bought with money they made farming.

Granddaddy passed away a few years back of natural causes. He lived a life rich with love and happiness that any European Nobleman would be proud of. We still miss him and his spirit is with us always.

Dear, sweet Grannie, she’s managed to go on without the great man she saw so much life with for well over 50 years together. Now in her late 70’s, she still makes clothes for herself and her great grandchildren. Grannie still grows just about everything she eats, and has until this very day she made shelves of jellies and jams, which I as well as her great grandchildren, love and admire her for.

Her home-baked biscuits with the many fillings from fig preserves to a link of homemade sausage, not to mention all the different pies and cakes she’s always baking. And none of us will forget the fish Grannie showed us how to catch down at the nearby river and how delicious they were when she cooked them up golden brown.

I could go on and write a book about this great Southern lady of Alabama. Bur for my article on what woman influenced my life let’s say that she not only influenced me, but my dear sweet mamma is a sparkling gem and attribute of the same noble character, as well as her sister and brothers.

They are all alive and healthy, living good lives. Growing up, I didn’t fully appreciate the rich quality of life I had been blessed with till I went out into the world and got a bird’s eye view of the decay of the noble European culture taking place in the U.S.

Grannie, you are the heart of the beautiful European culture I know and love as a Southerner. You are the Heart of Dixie. You deserve much praise for raising your children in such a noble way. It is because of your preservation and influence of our noble culture that my own sweet mamma raised and influenced me to be a better man. I love you, Grannie.

Your loving grandson,
Tony O. Dupree
P.S. Happy Birthday Grannie.
Grannie just turned 80 on 7/23/95