A Note from FL and Enclosed Article Written in Tribute of “Grannie”

Sat 9,17,2011

Dear Sophie,

I hope this finds all well with you. The weather here is just getting nice and in the low 80’s. I know it is much cooler where you are but hopefully you can enjoy it.

I am enclosing a article I wrote about my Grannie who passed away in 2005 I hope you will post it with the poems I have already sent you? Please return the article in the SASE?

Sorry you can’t send me a picture […] but I do understand and appreciate your help.

I will pass your info around but these guys in Fla are more into waisting [sic] their time rather than writing something positive.

I rarely receive mail from the outside but I write my cousin to remind her I love her and I will be telling her to pass your info to a few of our family to see and read what I have written.

With much love and respect always your friend Tony!

In The Service of The King Jesus Christ

Tony DuPree 120528

Due to the size of the article that Tony sent I was unable to get it scanned correctly and I opted instead to type it in, making sure to add all the pertinent information about the paper and date. The enclosed clipping follows below –Sophie

Covington Times Courier
Wednesday, August 23, 1995
Page 4B

To my Grannie, Alice Knowles…Happy birthday from Tony

I was born in 1962. By then, Grannie (Alice Knowles) and Granddaddy had already raised a very healthy and strong family of three boys and two girls. Together they farmed and grew everything they needed. Grannie cooked and made all their clothes.

They bought very little from stores. Living the quality life they did, they needed very little from outside their own land, and when they did, it was bought with money they made farming.

Granddaddy passed away a few years back of natural causes. He lived a life rich with love and happiness that any European Nobleman would be proud of. We still miss him and his spirit is with us always.

Dear, sweet Grannie, she’s managed to go on without the great man she saw so much life with for well over 50 years together. Now in her late 70’s, she still makes clothes for herself and her great grandchildren. Grannie still grows just about everything she eats, and has until this very day she made shelves of jellies and jams, which I as well as her great grandchildren, love and admire her for.

Her home-baked biscuits with the many fillings from fig preserves to a link of homemade sausage, not to mention all the different pies and cakes she’s always baking. And none of us will forget the fish Grannie showed us how to catch down at the nearby river and how delicious they were when she cooked them up golden brown.

I could go on and write a book about this great Southern lady of Alabama. Bur for my article on what woman influenced my life let’s say that she not only influenced me, but my dear sweet mamma is a sparkling gem and attribute of the same noble character, as well as her sister and brothers.

They are all alive and healthy, living good lives. Growing up, I didn’t fully appreciate the rich quality of life I had been blessed with till I went out into the world and got a bird’s eye view of the decay of the noble European culture taking place in the U.S.

Grannie, you are the heart of the beautiful European culture I know and love as a Southerner. You are the Heart of Dixie. You deserve much praise for raising your children in such a noble way. It is because of your preservation and influence of our noble culture that my own sweet mamma raised and influenced me to be a better man. I love you, Grannie.

Your loving grandson,
Tony O. Dupree
P.S. Happy Birthday Grannie.
Grannie just turned 80 on 7/23/95


Transfered, Forgotten, and Running in Paperwork Circles Trying to be Close to Family

Dear Mrs. Sophie Inchains 1-23-11

My name is [name omitted for safety], my inmate # is [number omitted for safety]. I was told to write to you because you may be able to help with my current situation. I have also written to the commissioner and Scott Mcaffery the head of the D.O.C. classification in August and I have not yet received a response.

My problem is that I was shipped out of CCF (Charleston Correctional Facility) with a class C write up for disrespect to the staff. I received the write up on December 31st. I was then transferred to MCC (Maine Correctional Center) and this is where I remain. I am back in the pods for 20 hours a day, it is now the 23’rd of January, and I still have’nt [sic] went to my D-board for my “so called write up”. I’m still classified minimum according to both C.C.F. and M.C.C., yet I’m still being punished. Due to D.O.C. policy they can no longer give me my said write up, because it clearly states that they have 7 working days to do so from the time that write up had been sighned [sic].

Now M.C.C. is giving me the “run around” saying that they’re waiting to hear back from C.C.F because they think the write up may still be applicable. But, because of all of this I’m very well “stuck” and clueless as to what may happen. I cannot be placed on the list to go to Downeast Correctional Center, which is a minimum/medium facility and it is also close to home.

I should of kept my composior [sic] towards the officer at C.C.F. But, however he was also in the wrong, he pointed his finger in my face and in a disrespectful manner, swaring [sic] and putting me down when in fact he does’nt [sic] know me as a person. I should’nt [sic] of lost my temper, I’ll admit it, but he provoked me by cursing and yelling right in my face. They should lead by example where there is a code of ethics in bot of our situations. But, why do they have to play these confusing games especially when they have the “upper-hand” in said situation.

I do realize that I am in fact an inmate, but I’m a human being also. All that I want is this ridiculous conflict resolved, put this all behind me, get back to where I can have contact with my family, and hopefully keep my minimum. Please help me in doing so? Thank you for your time.

Sincerely and Respectively,

[name omitted for safety]

This Voice enclosed three “Request Slip for Information or Interview with Administration and Staff” reports. In order to try to keep him from suffering retaliation I have typed his complaint section and the response from the officer with their name, if legible. Apparently, along with not follow their own policies about write-ups and ethics, corrections officers are also not required to print their names next to their signatures. All personal information on the top of the form has been omitted.

[Sheet One]
1-5-11 [sic]
State in the space below all information or action requested:
I would like to be put on the list for Bucks Harbor please I’m from there its only an hour from my home easier for my family to visit me and I just want to be close to home so please try to get there as soon as possible I just miss my family thank you for your time on this matter I hope to here [sic] back from you soon
Sincerely respectfully

Listed below are the answers, actions and information requested by you on:

1-11-12 Signed: Dahn M Grass [sic?]

Please write to Unit 2. You had some recent disciplinary @ CCF so not sure you’ll be put on a list for DCF until you show some positive behavior & attitude.

[Sheet Two]

State in the space below all information or action requested:
I was brought down on a diciniplary [sic] action however I did not get a wrote up as far as I know and if I did the time has expired to give me a write up I’ve been down here for 2 weeks from C.C.F and I am still classified as minimum I am just wondering if you can give me an IDEA of how long I’ll remain in the pods you see I live 31/2 maybe 4 hours away and I wod [sic] like to get a contact visit with my family its drives me crazy not being able to see them I’m not having them drive that far to sit behind a glass thank you for your time on this matter I hope to hear back from you soon respectfully

Listed below are the answers, actions and information requested by you on:

1/18/12 Signed: Sgt. Klt [sic?]
We will have to look into it further.

[Sheet Three]

State in the space below all information or action requested:
I was brought here from C.C.F on a diciniplery [sic] action 2 weeks ago how ever [sic] I dident [sic] receive a write up as far as I know and if I did get a write the time limit on it has expired C.C.F still classified me minimes [sic] and according to MCC I am still minimem [sic] I’m just wondering if you can give me an IDEA of how long I will remain in the pods you see sir I live 4 hours away and I just want 2 see my family a contact visit not behind a glass I also want you to know capt that I am sorry about what happened at C.C.F I was wrong but I swear to you it was only ½ my fault and I give you my word this no problem from me I hope to here [sic] from you soon sincerely respectuly [sic] and Thank You

[No date of response only what appears to be a V and 12R on that line] Signed: WF [sic?]

Listed below are the answers, actions and information requested by you on:
I currently have no discipline reports on you from CCF or anywhere else. I am not in charge of your housing. Write to Captain Emmerson or Asst. Sgt. Libby please

Inmates Punished via Transfers: Mold and Asbestos Cover-Up’s in Charleston, ME. Correctional

Keep On Keepin’ On

     My name is Ben [last name omitted] and I’m at the Downeast Correctional Facility.  Otherwise known as Bucks Harbor.  I’m serving a 7-year sentence and I’ve got about 2 years left.  I was shipped here from Charleston [specifics omitted] 2009.  There was no feasable [sic] reason I was shipped.  The fact is that administration there doesn’t like it when you stand up for yourself.  They want inmates there that will let them talk down to them and make idle threats.  Staff members are very disrespectful to inmates but expect inmates to bow their head when spoken to.

Maybe you think I’m another “whiner” but don’t be mistaken.  I’ve done a lot of time and I know how to play the “Game”.  Here’s an overview of my then-current status at Charleston:  I was Level 3 (highest level achievable).  I worked on an off-grounds crew (that mostly worked on-grounds busting our asses overtime nights and weekends to get the facility in condition to pass the ACA inspection), and I was helping to teach one of their highly regarded Thinking For A Change classes.  Yes, I was going above and beyond what is required of an inmate.  During this time I was threatened to be fired, written up, and shipped because I didn’t want to work one Saturday.  I knew I was in the right but I worked anyway.  I put up with their cover-ups of mold and asbestos.  They made a group shower room downstairs in one of the dorms and the previous showers (2 on each walk, 4 walks) were moldy and rotten.  Instead of removing them they were covered up with 2×4 framing and sheetrock and painted to look like the regular walls.  The kitchen buildings outside walls are asbestos material and were covered with tongue-and-groove boards instead of being removed.  These are just a couple of examples of crooked cover-ups I’ve seen throughout D.O.C.  I’ve done time in SMU, Windham, MSP, BCF, DCF, and Charleston.

Anyway, I put in for a D.O.T. job at Charleston and they denied me.  They said I had a negative attitude.  So I showed them negative attitude.  Every staff member who talked down to me like I was a nobody I fired right back at them.  Not enough to get a write-up but enough to let them know I wasn’t going to be disrespected.  I was then placed on workhold [sic].  I asked Captain Starbird why.  Some of you know him as the previous Unit Manager for the Supermax.  Well 3 days later I was being shackled up for transport.  He told me plain and simple administration doesn’t like me and no matter how good I did they would never give me a fair chance so he decided to ship me here to DCF where I’d have a fair chance.  So I get here and lose my minimum.  No write-up or anything thing.

I talked to [name omitted by Sophie] who is the mental health worker for DCF and Charleston.  He told me Charleston was undecided on whether to ship me to the Farm or DCF.  Well if the Farm was an option why did I lose my minimum.  Well, I got sight of my transfer paper and Charleston wrote a lot of negative things like untrustworthy, disrespectful of officers.  Well, I wouldn’t have been disrespectful to the officers if they didn’t talk to me like a scumbag.  And if I was so untrustworthy why was I on the off-grounds crew and why was I helping teach a crew and why was I helping teach a Thinking For A Change class?  A class that focuses on thinking before you react.  So I lost my minimum for no reason.  Charleston’s administration will actually tell you they try to push your buttons to “get you ready for the streets”.  What kind of twisted method are these people taught?  I thought minimum security was supposed to help us not drive us to even more stress and anger.  After so much of that most inmates want to go back to MSP.

So after I got here I’m reading the Bangor Daily one morning and I come across my grandfather’s obituary.  Yeah, quite a shock.  I hadn’t talked to anybody in my family for 3 ½ years so it was all a lot to deal with.  Now most of them keep in touch with me.  A week and a half after I buried my grandfather (I got to go to his funeral) I divorced my wife.  So between family issues, wife issues, facility issues, inmate drama and whatever other stress factors come into play we inmates have a lot on our plates.

I’ve been pushed past mental limits that I never knew I had and I’m still here chillin’ with no goodtime lost.  Of all the people who know me they should know if someone of my temperament can make it through the wars within these walls, anybody can.  It’s not easy but that’s what makes us soldiers on this battle field.  They cannot break us if we look within ourselves and grab that resolve.

Most C/Os [sic] and administration thrive on our hate and anger.  I see now we’re making a stronger stand than we ever have.  “United we Stand, divided we Fall.”  There’s so much truth in that statement.

To all my boys in Supermax, stay strong and keep fightin’ the good fight.  To all inmates: We must face our problems, not run from them.  The more problems we face, the stronger we become.  One step at a time, always moving forward.  Keep on keepin’ on.



The Fade of Innocence: A poem and note from a New Voice in California



In The Beginning of Your Youth,

You Prayed For a Family Life That Was True,

however, Circumstances Changed all of That For you.


Left Home When You Were Young,

Then The Lost of Innocence Started Troubling You.


Disobedience To Parents, Didn’t Want To Hear What They Had To Say,

Thought It Was Cool For You To Stay Out Late.


Disinterested In School, The Pull of The Streets

That Was The Beginning of Your “Oops” In The Streets.


Corrupted In Thought, A Image To Portray A lifestyle That

Forced Your Innocence To Fade Away.


Daddy Wasn’t Home To Teach Or To Guide…

You Felt Alone, All Empty Inside, Lost Your Directions,

Ended Up Doing Time, In And Out of Jail,

With The Wrong Ideas In Mind.


Bad Choices, Getting Caught Up In The Mix,

Trying To Make A Illegal Dollar,

But You Left Your Finger Prints.


Now Out In The World Seeking To Find Your Fame,

Playing Rushing Roulette With Your Life, A Dangerous Game.


Hey Cuz!  Hey Blood!  Different Made Up Names,

The Fade of Innocence Caught Up In The Game.


Standing Before The Court Entering Into A System That

Will Eat You Up… Caged Up Like Nobody,

When Somebody Should Have Had Enough…

Two Years, Four Years, Life Without


It Was The Fade of Innocence That Brought This All About.

What Will It Take To Make This All Go Away?


Stand Up, Be Your Own Man…

Start A New Day.


You Are Someone’s Brother, Someone’s Uncle, Someone’s Father,

Someone’s Son, And Someone’s Friend.


When will You Decide To Stop, Renew Your Life,

So You Can Be There With Them Again?


By Jimmy Gafferey

AKA, Yusf Islam


Dedicated To My Son [name omitted by Sophie], With The Hope For A Brighter Future

Love Always,  Dad.




Dear Sophie Inchains

My name is Jimmy Gafferey Jr and it is my prayer that your establishment will see fit, to print my poetry in your articles and allow my work to possibly motivate and inspire other people to appreciate good ideas.  Please write me back and let me know what you think of my writings.  Thank you very much in your time in reading my material.


Jimmy  2011


Mr. Gaffeney is looking for pen-pals.  Here is his contact information: 

Mr. Jimmy L. Gaffeney Jr.  P41264

PO Box 689/FW-137

Soledad, CA. 93960

Please Note:  This poem came typed with a Xerox picture of Jimmy and his son.  Unfortunately, I cannot publish that picture however, I think it is important to know that the poem includes it.

Grief: Coping w/the Loss of a Mother from Behind Bars

Jesus Don’t Leave Me

By Doc DuPree



Oh Jesus don’t leave me be?  Jesus lived in mother and oh Lord Jesus a future without her I can’t see!

It was a terrible crash in the middle of the night, two drivers head-on, one without vision, the other in the Light.

Lights & glass smash into steel, Mother holds her bruised breast behind the wheel, whispering her last prayers reeling from pain and leaving her son in Jesus Will!

Oh Jesus please don’t leave me be, Jesus lived in mother and oh Jesus a future without her I can’t see!

My Angel Queen Mother, your precious spirit remains close to me.  You say I am free, but precious mother my dreams started and ended with We!

No longer do your letters come in the mail brushing away clouds and lifting my sails.  No-more do I see your bright and love filled smiles at our visits, nor can I be reassured by your caring voice on the phone, no I am simply alone.

Oh Jesus I saw your light in her, but now she is gone.  I still dial her number, but nobody is home.

Six months later and still no voice on the phone, no mail or visits, all is gone.

Oh Jesus I feel so privileged to have experienced such pure love.  And you Lord who’s symbol is a snow-white dove visit me, and answered my call without a phone, give me your message I am not alone!

Lord don’t leave me, a future through you only I can see.

In memory of Millie Presley, May, 22, 1942-April, 22, 2007

A Saint dedicated mother, active Christian Patriot and Nationalist, Racecar driver, Legendary dancer, Nature lover (especially Pensacola Beach), Shrimp boat Capt on Pensacola Bay (Boat name Ramblem Rose), Folk singer and Artist, Natural healer, Comedian, Good Samaritan, Favorite Hymn-‘One Day At a Time’.


By: Tony Owen Dupree 120528-L2111L

5850 E. Milton Rd,

Milton, Fla 32583


In The Service Of The King Jesus Christ




Dear Sophie Inchains PO B 2900 South Portland, ME 04106,

I pray this find all well with you.  First, you have my permission to publish the enclosed poem-‘Jesus Don’t Leave Me’.  Please publish with my address?

I also have a question?  I have a Actual Innocence case which I would like shown like 20/20 and others to investigate and air.  I wonder if you would take my legal motion and exhibit pages and scan the pages onto a net cite where I could refer people such as 20/20 to review my case?

I have no family to do such favor and am totaly [sic] indigent.

Please let me know, and please return the poem in the enclosed SASE?

With much love and respect always Tony!

In The Service Of The King Jesus Christ

Keep Up The Great Work!


Tony Owen DuPree 120528-L2111L

5850 E. Milton Rd,

Milton, Fla 32583


6, 25, 2011

“I’m thinking about killing myself the pain is so bad”


Dear Sophie my name is David ***.  Your husband gave me your address.  First off I want to say what you do for us inmate is real great of you.  I can’t even put it into words how good you are for doing these thing for us so thank you very very much.  First off I would like you to put on the net that C.M.S. medical company is refusing me medical treatment.  My back is really messed up.  I got scolois [sic] and degenerte [sic] disk diease [sic] and they refuse to give me a M.R.I.  My back is so bent I look like the hump back of Notre Dame.  I allso [sic] got a benign tumor.  In my back and broken vertabreys [sic].  I’m having severe pain.  2 my left shoulder has a torn rotater [sic] cuff they have the x-ray’s saying that and they are refusing to let me see a orthopedic surgen [sic] they no [sic] my rotater [sic] cuff is torn.  And they are takeing [sic] people off there meds because the head of C.M.S. say they cost to [sic] much that is against the law.  I was wondering if you could find the address to an attourney [sic] office.  They are sueing [sic] a class action law suit for people that has been on Neurotin [sic] and have to have gall bladder taken out.  Mine exploded in my body it was full of gangerene [sic].  The attourney [sic] has been on T.V. but I lost the number I was wondering if you could find his address and send it to me?  I allmost [sic] diead [sic] from it.  It was a big law firm they were on T.V. but I lost the # there probally [sic] is a bunch of them.  I was wondering if you could E-mail my mom and give her the web sites and ask her to do some E-mails to some one that can help with my back.  Her E mail [sic] [Personal information omitted by Sophie].  Tell her to help me I’m thinking about killing myself the pain is so bad.

Thank you very much Sophie.

Your Friend

David ***

P.S. Tell my mom I love her

Please Note:  Due to legal and ethical reason Sophie does not contact family members.  Also, Sophie does not have a husband in (or out) of prison.  Unfortunately, David was given incorrect information.