Where MSP Inmates are Comming From: A Short Manifesto Regarding Voices

Dear Blog,                                                                   7-13-2011

Many indivisuals [sic] have been here for years.  They are excited about the new opportunity to express themselves in a public Blog.  In the past they been expressing their concerns to the prison officials who simple [sic] disregard them.  They believe the Blog has instiled [sic] a sense of hope within them.  They believe the Blog may generate public interest twords [sic] the counterproductive manner of the government’s way of handling the marginalized.  We are grateful to all of you listeners interested in the quality of humanity.

I understand Sophie has been posting our complaints in regards to the staffs psychological torment twords [sic] the people here.  Please understand that it’s a very tense time, and people are venting to the Blog in hopes of building up momentum for prison reform.  Nevertheless, we also understand that the Blog’s purpose is not only to voice our concerns in hopes of change, but also to show who we truely [sic] are.  We have been working on drawings, stories, and poetry to express are [sic] creative talents that will be sent to the Blog for your enjoyment soon.

Please encourage friends, family, and the public to become interesed [sic] in what happens here at the prison.  Its [sic] possible with all your support and sense of direction we can end this counterproductive giant that oppresses and destroys peoples [sic] lives into a [sic] effective process that inspires and encourages them to overcome their shortfalls.  We believe with the right guidance amazing change can happen that will produce fruitful lives for all, including society.

Thank you viewers for your interest.  We also thank Sophie for her intellect and hardwork [sic] in creating and maintaining the Blog so the voices from the cracks can be heard!


Maine State Prison


Clairfication on a Previous Submission and Thoughts from Su’ganni

June 30, 2011

In The Name And Way Of Su’ganni


Sophie Inchains,

Greeting with my Salute to you.  First I must say Thank you for publishing my work for the world to see.  That deed is much appearciated [sic].

Su’ganni (Sue-gone-Knee) means the Three Elements of Conscious Man (Fire, Love, Wind).  Tiuza (To-Zah) means the Founding Family.  These illustrious names have deeper meaning and are from my Society thats [sic] still in construction.  Conscious in this Society means: Aware of many dimensions.  Me being founder of this to be society I am.  the first member and only Tiuza.

Yes I have heard of Angela Davis indirectly from reading George Jacksons’, “Soledad Brother,” Black August Literature, and like-mind people in here.  Yet I have not yet become thoroughly acquainted with her.  Since your [sic] the second person in this past month to mention her name I find that soon I must obtain literature that will give me a profound understanding of her work.  When the time is right I will also acknowledge Michele Foucault.

To begin my next set of words I must first quote Steven Biko.  He said, “The most potent weapon in the arsenal of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”  Sophie I can reach so deep on this subject but since time is of the essence I will give you my thoughts in a way to stay on my intended subject.  Just think if 400 years ago (at least) in this country if those who were colonized, enslaved, and oppressed had a Knowledge and way of life that would have never allowed them to be Tricked, Pillaged, Forced, or any other act, into a colonized, enslaved, oppressed people.  They would never have left their native lands for a long ride across the transatlantic.  Never would have had Mentacide (Murder of the mind) committed against them.  Self-Hatred, Dichotomy, Pain, Subservience, etc.  They would not have been colonized, enslaved, or oppressed.  They would have been a advanced and prosperous people to get rid of a powerful band of people that used trick-Knowledge and advanced weapons and other technology to subjugate them.

Sophie this is my concept.  To arm the minds of people who are vulnerable to be colonized, enslaved, or oppressed with a Knowledge and way to life to prevent the elements trying to colonize, enslave, or oppress them to never have a chance to do so.  This will eradicate any blatant or underhand tactic that “may” be out there to Keep any type of people in some sort of bondage.  There is no way on a peruasive [sic] scale that a people can succeed if they just pull themselves up by the boot straps and try harder without having a special Knowledge and way of life to do so.  Like if a deer was to try harder to not get Killed by a skillful hunter without a thorough Knowledge of the hunter and a way to evade or kill the hunter then no matter what, the deer as a group will always be the prey no matter how hard they try.

So you get a glimpse of this in my Manifesto-Book, “Legit Money For Survival and Staying Out of Prison”.  To give a specific people a Knowledge and way for life that will cut off the elements trying to subjugate them.  Prison, Drugs, Poverty, etc. will not have a chance.  The most effective way to not be tricked by a trickster is to know his tricks and have a culture thats [sic] immune to any of his tricks and acts.

To conclude I am a firm believer in being thoroughly acquainted with my past histories yet not being confirmed to those past histories.  Sophie when an establishment is built on injustice the most effective way to get justice in that establishment is to strategically take it.  For injustice do not give justice.  This is why I feel the  most effective approach is to Never ask for conditions like Freedom, Justice, and Equality but always Acquiring these type of conditions that the oppressed ask for.  TO be a people who can materialize a Independence that will pave the way to Greatness.  To not wait on no hand to rear or feed.  To utilize a Knowledge and way of life to bring Supreme Greatness.

[Paragraph omitted by Sophie for legal reasons]

I am going to close out on this letter.  So in closing I thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to write to me.  If you have any more advice, Thoughts, or Comments feel free to contact me.  I need more information swapping with various prison advocacy groups and individuals.  May you flourish and see many successes in your life.  Yes advocacy is a thankless job but is one of the most illustrious and honorable jobs a person can hold.  If you haven’t already, make out Press Releases explaining what your [sic] doing then send them to all receptive Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines, etc.  Nationally and Internationally.  Also contact every Prison-advocacy group around the World.  These are just a couple avenues to get your information out there.  I have an I will promote what your [sic] doing to the people I deal with and do not deal with.  May Greatness and Peace Be Upon You Until Death and Beyond.  Take Care.


True & Just

Su’ganni Tiuza

Aaron Lester


P.O. Box 8000

Shirley, Ma. 01464




Please Note: When I wrote back to Su’ganni I asked him questions about his theories.  This letter is a response to that.  His original Manifesto can be viewed HERE

Letter and Manifesto Excerpt from a MA Inmate

June 19, 2011

In The Name and Way of Su’ganni

Sophie Inchains,

Greetings with my salute to you.  Myself along with many others in this place respect you and what your [sic] doing.  For this I wish you a long life of prosperity.

Since time is of essence I will be brief.  I am writing you due to a good brother of mines letting me know that you will be receptive to the Message and Books I wrote (and one that’s now being published by the publishing company I have a hand in running).  So I’m writing to promote my Manifesto-Book, “Legit Money For Survival and Staying Out of Prison”, By Su’ganni Tiuza (me).  It can be purchased at Amazon.Com and other major online retailers.  I also wrote to include a Written-Short Message titled: “The Father of The New Survival Order, Speaks”, in hopes that you incorporate it in the most effective way, so many get a chance to see the Message I’m spreading.  I’m confident you will put it to good use.  I also give you the permission to publish it or do anything you want with it.  I do not need it back.

I hope you get a chance to become acquainted with the work I’m doing.  I encourage everybody that is acquainted with my work to write to me for the sole purpose of giving Advice, Comments, and Questions.  I make it a point to return a letter of my own.

If you want to find out more about me or my Manifesto-Book visit my Facebook page: “LMS Sri’gammi.Tiuza2011@gmail.com” I have not legally added my rebirth name (Su’ganni Tiuza) to my birth name (Aaron Lester) yet so on the envelope I sent this letter and message is my address- at the prison I’m in.  Please have a great day and night!

True & Just

Su’ganni A.U.L Tiuza

For Sophie Inchains to Publish at her discretion.

The Father Of The New Survival Order, Speaks

It is said that “Only The Strong Survive,” and I agree 100%.  Yet having a profound understanding of what this saying actually means have allowed me to articulate the Methods, Formulas, and Tactics of Superior Survival to show what it is to really be a strong survivor. To really show what strong survival is due to so many people misunderstanding it’s true meaning.  To really show what strong survival is due to millions upon millions of people having weak survival methods.  Weak Survival methods that lead to Prison, Hopelessness, Poverty, Years of being a Welfare Recipient, and so many other unfavorable conditions.

Many of you reading this have perhaps got the chance to read my Manifesto-Book, “Legit Money For Survival and Staying Out Of Prison,” by Su’ganni Tiuza (me).  It was just released a couple months ago on all the major online retailer websites.  So you who read, “Legit Money For Survival and Staying Out Of Prison,” can see that my mission is to transform those with Weak Survival Methods into a Strong Survivor by adopting Superior Survival Methods.

This is what the New Survival Order is.  It is adopting a Superior Survival Method.  Especially for those who are using Weak Survival Methods as a means to set up a way of life for their selves.  It is a set of glorious principles and knowledge that empowers and exalts the person that take the principles and knowledge that empowers and exalts the person that take the principles and knowledge to heart.

I myself am the living example of a person that was transformed from the Weak Survival I was living, into the Superior Survival method that gave me strength of mind and body beyond my wildest dreams.  This is my way in my work I can articulate both worlds in a way that there no doubt of the truth I Speak, Write, and Live.

That even though I’m currently and temporarely [sic] in prison on charges of Felony-Murder I have done things within myself and also materially that shows and proves it’s not just air behind the words I speak.  The same publishing company that is publishing my Manifesto-Book and my second book that’s coming soon is the same publishing company I have a hand in running.  Also soon I will be doing consultation and helping running another publishing company that’s being launched in the next couple months.

I bring this up because in my work and in the New Survival Order I stress the importance of obtaining Legitimacy of Mind and Money.  Of course not to Worship money, kill for money, betray for money, steal money, or any other weak survival method for money.  No, money is only to be obtained legally for the purpose of taking care of your family, your every day [sic] needs, the enjoyment you like, and any other monetary needs.

I teach Financial Literacy because 90% of the people in prison is there for money related crime.  Meaning theres [sic] a very very big problem here.  The problem is that due to millions of people in the U.S. alone, not being financially literate turns them to crime-for-profit.  Meaning Murdering, Drug Dealing, Conning, Robbing, Stealing, and other crimes for money.  Which in turn means neighborhoods become flooded with crime.  Innocent people become victims.  Young naïve women get turned to hardcore prostitutes.  Young naïve men get sucked into the street life.  Whole communities get poisoned by drugs.  All due to these Men and Women who turn to crime-for-money for not being financially literate.  Financial literacy that will show them that the legit hustles are all around more profitable than the illegal hustles.

Of course it’s deeper than just financial literacy.  This is why Legitimacy of mind must be taught heavily as well.  Legitimacy of mind is the absolute necessity formula to be taught.  Due to the filthy thoughts that filled in the minds of these men and women.  All the years of illegitimate thoughts have become ingrained so deep in their minds.  So our teaching are to eradicate this thinking by thoroughly cleaning the mind then filling it with a new state of mind.  A legitimate mind.  Both teachings of mind and money together is the perfect combination to turn the most hardcore criminal into a Respectable and Honorable person.

See, what we’re doing is giving people a glimpse of the Weak Survival and Strong Survival, then letting them choose.  See, so many people only know Weak Survival so by showing them a more effective stronger way they now have options.  Death or Life.  Confinement [sic]or Freedom.  Strength or Weakness.  This is on them to choose.  Yet theres [sic] no doubt when understanding how effective and profitable Legitimacy of Mind and Money is, many will choose Life, Freedom, and Strength.

A Superior Survivor conquers their environment then have it submit to their will.  Nothing can hold a Superior Survivor down.  They are of Wealth and Honor.  Strength and Loyalty.  Beauty and Wisdom.  Love and Understanding.  Resilience and Industriousness.  Then is it a surprise that such a glorious person of these ways be the Superior Survivor.  Poverty can’t touch them.  Law Enforcement, The Courts, and Prison can’t touch them.  Bills and other financial issues is not a problem at all.

You see conquering your environment then having it submit to your will means to master your environment in order for it to work in your favor. Rising above the commonalty (common people) movement in your environment.  Not getting sucked in by the Dope Boys getting money.  They have not mastered their environment, their environment mastered them.  For these Dope Boys are like hyenas.  Yeah they eat but when the Lion come, they eat no longer.  The Lion is the Feds and other law enforcement.  The Lion is Death.  The Lion is Prison.  The Lion is ruthless stick-up kid that will crack your head.  Thus making your survival methods weak and inferior.  The Lion do not have the might to contend with a Superior Survivor.  Lions don’t come that strong.

The New Survival Order, Who Will Prevail?  I’m telling you now, the old ways which are weak will not prevail.  Now is the time to increase your strength.  Not for my benefit but for your benefit.  Me being the father of the New Survival Order I have already Chose the Superior Survival.

I hope that these words be taken to heart.  This is not entertainment my friend.  We’re striving to do something very big in years to come in regards to helping as many people as possible take on a legitimate life that will bring them way more benefits than the illegal life.  The books I’m writing to shed light on what we’re doing is just the beginning.

I also hope that these words have been of some help to those who have read them.  If you have any Thoughts, Questions, or Comments about this writing or my Manifesto-Book “Legit Money for Survival and Staying out of Prison,” please contact me at: Aaron Lester/W89317

P.O. Box 8000

Shirley, Ma. 01464

I will strive to get back in touch with you.  I have not legally added my rebirth name (Su’ganni Tiuza) to my birth name (Aaron Lester) yet so this is why you see Aaron L. as my contact name instead of Su’ganni.

To find out more about me visit my Facebook page at:

“LMS Su’ganni.Tiuza2011@Gmail.com”

To purchase my Manifesto-Book, “Legit Money For Survival and Staying Out Of Prison,” By: Su’ganni Tiuza, go to: Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble, or other retailers.